Call Of Duty Warzone Players Have Found The Perfect Use For Gulag’s Rocks

In Warzone’s Gulag, Call of Duty players have found the most interesting weapon you can obtain is actually just a rock.

Warzone introduces a number of changes to the classic battle royale genre. First off, you start with a pistol instead of nothing at all, and you can augment your loadout with purchased weapons at a store rather than be forced to just use whatever weapons you find on the ground. But perhaps the most interesting new addition is a respawn system called the Gulag.

You’re sent to the Gulag after you die in Warzone, and you have one shot to get back into the game. Gulag players are pitted in 1v1 deathmatches for their chance at a second life. Die again and you’re out of the game, but live and you’re sent back to the Warzone main map for your second shot at glory.

The Gulag consists of a killing floor that’s built to resemble a broken-down shower room, as well as an upper floor where spectators can watch the action. The spectators aren’t entirely just passive observers however, as they can interact with the players fighting it out below. Teammates on voice coms can shout at where the enemy is stalking them from behind a wall, or spectators can just punch each other until it’s their turn to take part in the 1v1 deathmatch.

Spectators can also throw rocks to influence the outcome of the 1v1 fight. If struck by a rock, the player takes 1 point of damage and is momentarily disoriented, which might be all the opposing player needs to get that quick kill and be back in the game. Several Redditors have found that rocks can be far more influential in the Gulag than originally anticipated.

User CJLito posted a video showing that rocks can be used to strategically detonate claymore mines. Claymores have a kill range far larger than their detection range, with a rock-based trigger system being the most efficient means of laying a trap for the enemy player.

Meanwhile, user K1NG0D2396 fell victim to the more direct method of elimination and was simply struck by a rock at 1 health, killing them.

The moral of the story: beware the humble rock in Warzone. They can be far more deadly than they first appear.

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