Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Zombies Are Strapped For Cash And Headed To Bank

Call of Duty: Warzone’s zombie invasion is continuing to ‘spread’ and by spread, we of course mean meandering from point to point, leaving the last one clear. They’ve arrived at the bank, and it’s probably not for a deposit.

“The Emergency Broadcast System has issued a minor contagion warning for the Acropolis National Bank within Downtown Tavorsk’s Financial District,” the ‘Armistice Central Command’ writes, “Although the origin of this current outbreak is unknown, Armistice researchers have settled on three theories.”

The first is that they’re headed to the bank for extraction, while another says that there’s “evidence of contaminated matter within the vault’s safety deposit boxes,” and the third: the zombies have the hots for moolah. As for how the Armistice is responding, supposedly there’s a “Containment Protocol” across all of Verdansk.

At this rate, they’ll have tripped across all of Verdansk and grabbed a postcard from each landmark by Easter, but still, one hot spot doesn’t warrant a nuke, so what’s going on with those leaked voice lines? It’s clear that Verdansk’s current story is all about a zombie outbreak that will end in total destruction to usher in the next, Cold-War-themed map, but so far, this ‘outbreak’ doesn’t seem to warrant such drastic action.

It’s possible that there’s a genuine ‘spread’ of zombies set to occur, an actual overtaking of the map, but as it stands, that’s not possible, as zombies are spawned by the terminals, and they only spawn in a singular location when activated. Killing enough lets you open a chest, so perhaps we’ll just have to suspend our disbelief when it comes to watching this outbreak as it’s currently just a gameplay gimmick.

If it had been this slow of a ‘spread’ in Raccoon City, Jill Valentine alone could have stopped the entire ordeal, but alas, that city was nuked just as Verdansk likely will be.

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