Cave Digger Tunnels Into PlayStation VR for US and European Customers

After a PC release in 2018 on Steam for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality, Cave Digger then arrived for PlayStation VR during last week’s hectic Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019, but only for UK customers. Today, developer MeKiwi has announced a wider global rollout for European and North American gamers.

As the name implies, Cave Digger is a virtual reality (VR) mining videogame that has a few surprises in store. Starting with the ever trusty pickaxe, you head down the mine shaft to dig for new wealth, looking to find all sorts of riches in the rocks. The more you dig the more you’ll be rewarded, which in turn can be spent on new tools.

You’ll be able to upgrade your pickaxe and make it automatic, an energy efficient saw, or if you’re really successful the chaos gauntlet, which is powered by powerful gems found in the cave.

And there are mysteries down in the dark, depending on how you play there are eight endings to uncover some far more devious than others. Additionally, there’s a competitive mode to test your skills against other players.

“We are very happy to reach players in each store, now in PSVR too, but our excitement doesn’t end here!” said Mekiwi’s COO Jani Kaipainen in a statement. “We are working on a very big expansion to feed the hunger of quality VR content hunters out there and now is a great time to catch this game and get familiar with it!”

Mekiwi has confirmed that the expansion will be free for all Cave Digger owners, regardless of platform. It should lengthen gameplay by several hours whilst adding new mechanics and ways to play the experience. There’s no date just yet for the update release.

Cave Digger is out today for PlayStation VR in North America and Europe. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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