Chilling Adventure Game Samorost 2 Hits Android/iOS For Its 15th Anniversary

Time certainly flies when you’re creating truly unique and wonderful indie games. Back in 2005, Amanita Design released Samorost 2 unto the world as the company’s first paid game. Now, 15 years later, the chilling adventure title is available on iOS and Android devices for an entirely new generation of players to experience.

If you don’t care about mobile devices, you won’t be left in the cold. This birthday bash isn’t limited to just a re-release, but a surprise overhaul for the existing PC version of Samorost 2. If you happen to currently own Samorost on Steam or GOG, you’ll be able to download a new 15th-anniversary update that includes higher resolution output, rerendered artwork, and full gamepad support.

This is actually pretty similar to an update that Amanita Design did for Machinarium a few years back. With consoles becoming a more prominent force in the indie space and HD displays now common in every setup, Amanita went back and reworked Machinarium to play better with newer technology. Being that Samorost 2 is a pivotal title in the company’s catalog, it makes sense that this would finally receive the same treatment.

Anyone looking to grab the game will be able to get it for $3 on their mobile platform of choice. You can find the iOS version here and the Google Play version here. PC users will be able to nab Samorost 2 for $5 through the developer’s website, or on their preferred digital distribution platform. Considering I’ve loved each one of Amanita’s previous games, I’ll have to make sure to play this sooner rather than later.

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