Chrono Trigger’s Frog Reimagined In Elden Ring By 3D Artist

We know that everyone is thirsty for Blaidd, Elden Ring's half-man, half-wolf, all-beefcake dark knight that works for Ranni the Witch. Well, now there's a new anthropomorphic animal man entering the Lands Between courtesy of a Montreal-based 3D character artist Marco Plouffe, and he's from an equally epic RPG.

For the better part of a year, Plouffe has been working on reimagining Chrono Trigger's Frog as a fallen knight in Elden Ring. A video series on YouTube details how he's worked on this incredible model of Frog for a few hours every week until finally, we get to see the fruits of his labors in a stunning 3D turntable.

Chrono Trigger fans will note how Frog has received quite the armored glow-up since his SNES days. His right hand is now encased in a gauntlet, his floppy leather boots are now protected by armored shin and knee guards, and he's wearing chainmail underneath his cuirass. His cape is ripped and torn, his face is scarred, and his sword's tip has been shattered in fights against unimaginable evil. Plus, you can clearly tell that Frog lifts from the veins on his forearms. Dayum.

I'm not sayin' ya’ll should drop Blaidd for this yolked amphibian, but I will say that an external mucus membrane would make certain non-combat activities a lot easier than fur.

You can also see the Elden Ring inspiration in Frog's sword, which seems to at least be partially modeled after Blaidd's bejeweled weapon. Frog's armor and cloak also look like the perfect interpretation of the Vagabond's starting look.

From Software doesn't seem to be the sort of studio to do collaborations, but if it were, this is the sort of thing I'd love to see in Elden Ring. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised when Elden Ring’s DLC gets announced.

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