Circus Performs For The Pope To Undertale’s Megalovania

If you thought 2022 was going to be a normal year where normal things happened, you're wrong. A circus just performed to Undertale's Megalovania in a general audience with Pope Francis.

Every Wednesday, the Pope holds a general audience. While he usually meets with people and gives his benedictions to the attending masses, he also sometimes hosts performers. On January 5, he looked on with bemusement as the Italian circus Rony Roller ran through a number of routines, before finishing off with an act to the tune of Undertale's famous music, Sans' theme Megalovania.

Though the Undertale-backed finale was a bit odd, with a handful of jugglers doing their thing while the rest of the troupe stood awkwardly to the side of the stage. The rest of the performance wasn't much better, with the Pope looking as though he was losing the will to live during a segment where two clowns lifelessly played a number of instruments. There was even one bit where jugglers throwing flaming clubs got worryingly close to the Pope, who was only guarded on-stage by one member of the Swiss Guard. The circus segment begins in the video below at 53:28, with the Megalovania bit specifically at 1:04:40.

Rony Roller has performed at the Vatican numerous times, including for Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 and Francis in 2017. Other circuses have also appeared before the Pope, such as in January 2020, when the Aqua Circus even managed to get him directly involved in one of their juggling acts in something that had a lot more visual flair.

Regardless of how he looked during the show, Pope Francis thanked Rony Roller after the performance, saying that it "puts us in touch with beauty, which always brings us happiness", and that "beauty is a way to find the lord".

The weirdest thing about all of this is that it isn't even the first time Pope Francis has been exposed to Undertale. Youtube personality MatPat gave him a Steam code for Undertale as a gift when attending a Vatican summit about the Internet in 2016. Of course, there is almost zero chance the Pope actually played Undertale, as he later challenged children to "create a more just world" instead of "retreating into video games and computer screens". Looks like somebody never completed his Genocide run.

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