Civilization 6: 5 Best Governor Perks (& 5 Of The Worst)

When Sid Meier created the turn-based strategy game Civilization back in 1991, little did he expect how much the game would transform and change over the years. Now the newest installment in the series, Civilization 6, is bursting with new features as it’s been developed for the Nintendo Switch as well as Android. One of the many features now included in the new game is the introduction of governors — characters that can be placed in cities to give perks specific to the governor type.

The general bonus of having a governor placed in a city is that when they are placed in a permanent position they boost that city’s loyalty. This means the city won’t rebel against the player and they don’t have to focus too much on the internal social struggle as they play the game. Each governor is associated with a certain aspect of the game, whether it be science and culture, production, or military defense. This means that, when placed in a city, they give perks specific to that aspect. These are called Promotions. The player unlocks them throughout the game and there are many to choose from. Each game will have a different combination of governor promotions. Which ones are worth it and which ones can be skipped?

10 WORST: The Diplomat – Initial Promotion

Initial governor promotions come automatically when you select that governor to be placed in a city. Most initial promotions offer early-game perks that are helpful precisely at that time — the early game. This particular promotion does nothing of the sort.

Even by having two envoys sent to a city-state, it doesn’t guarantee you a Suzerian position (which is the player who has the most envoys at that city-state). It’s gauged in increments of three, so having two envoys doesn’t give you the Suzerian position, which would be helpful for many reasons in the early game. But this promotion doesn’t even do that. So what’s the point?

9 BEST: The Diplomat – Local Informants

Spies are a great late-game tactic that can be used either offensively or defensively. Whether the player wants to steal things from other civilizations or protect their own, spies are the cheapest and most effective method. This promotion is great if the player is acting defensively to protect their own assets, whether it be their technologies or their great works.

Having enemy spies at a disadvantage allows the player to deal with them more effectively. Home spies will have a higher likelihood of capturing enemies, if not killing them during their mission. There are no downsides to this promotion — it will only help the player protect themselves against enemy spies while still being able to employ their own. Win-win situation.

8 WORST: The Surveyor – Reinforced Materials

New to Civilization 6 are natural disasters that occur throughout the game — from volcanos and blizzards to droughts and tornados. These disasters damage city districts, hurt military units, and destroy land that has been worked. The Reinforced Materials promotion seems like a perfect solution to this problem — but there’s a major drawback.

When a natural disaster occurs the land that was damaged provides a higher yield of either production or food when it’s harvested afterward. If the player prevents the disaster’s effects then the positive benefits will no longer happen. The player can also acquire Era Score by working land that’s been damaged, so they would lose out on that too. The pain just isn’t worth the gain.

7 BEST: The Cardinal – Divine Architect

This promotion is extremely helpful if the player’s religion is already moderately successful. Building districts in cities takes a number of turns to build, longer if there is little production in the empire. Having a way to acquire districts faster is amazing because it means more resources will be produced. The Cardinal has an amazing promotion for this, allowing you to purchase districts with Faith.

Faith accumulates as the religion spreads and grows stronger. The only thing it can be spent on is either military units or religious units, so having another way to spend this currency is extremely beneficial, especially when it means districts can be built within a single turn.

6 WORST: The Cardinal – Grand Inquisitor

One of the ways to win a game in Civilization is by converting all other civilizations to your religion. Having a governor specific to that cause is therefore extremely helpful. But the Grand Inquisitor promotion isn’t as helpful as one might think.

Most of the time when the player is engaging in theological combat it takes place on another civilization’s turf, as the player is attempting to convert other cities to their religion. This perk is only applicable to one city in the player’s civilization — where the theological combat would rarely take place. This promotion is rather useless and is only helpful in the most specific circumstances.

5 BEST: The Castellan – Defense Logistics

The early game in Civilization 6 is much different from the late game. Barbarians are running amok as civilizations try to get their grip on the land around them. More militaristic civilizations will use this time to their advantage and lay siege on vulnerable cities.

Having this promotion is effective at negating that possibility and would be a smart choice to place in the capital city. While this promotion offers protection it also offers a bonus for accumulating strategic resources (iron, copper, oil, etc.) at the same time. Worst case scenario the city never gets sieged but the player will still get the resource bonus. It’s still a definite perk.

4 WORST: The Castellan – Air Defense Initiative

The Castellan governor is helpful when it comes to a militaristic game. But this promotion is almost entirely negligible. The only time in a game when this promotion would help would be in a very late game attack with those specific units. On top of that, this promotion has even more specificity — the player has to be in a certain place defending against certain military units.

But what if this circumstance doesn’t arise? Then this promotion is entirely wasted. It’s understandable that the developers had to prepare for as many variations as they could, but this situation seems entirely too specific for the promotion to be worth anything.

3 BEST: The Financier – Tax Collector

There are many resources in this game that help progress civilization into the future, but money is the most obvious and one of the most helpful. It can be difficult to accumulate money as the player’s civilization expands, so this promotion offers a little boost. If the population of the city this governor is placed in is high then this promotion will provide a visible raise in funds per turn. Money can be used to maintain units, buildings, and Wonders, so having a constant influx of cash is vital to survival. Using any of the Financier’s promotions will be a good idea, but Tax Collector is an instant advantage.

2 WORST (CONDITIONALLY): The Educator – Grants

This promotion ranks near the middle because it can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on the player’s luck and preparation. Great People are a huge asset to any Culture or Science victory and claiming as many as you can is a smart tactic.

But there’s a situation that arises when cities keep generating Great People, especially those for culture (musicians, artists, and writers). Every time one of these people is used they create a Great Work and these need a place to go. If the player doesn’t have Great Wonders or buildings to house these great works, the Great People cannot be used and will just sit and wait as a unit in the player’s territory. These units accumulate and take up a lot of land space. Hence a blessing and a curse — it depends on whether or not the player is ready.

1 BEST: The Educator – Curator

A culture win can be difficult as many civilizations fight over the Great People necessary to secure the culture points. The Curator promotion from The Educator governor is excellent when the player’s empire already has many great works. This promotion causes a major influx of tourism which quickly promotes a cultural victory. Though the player may have been leading due to the number of great works, this promotion allows the player to generate much more tourism per turn, making that victory much more achievable. This makes it arguably the best promotion in the game if a cultural win is the goal.

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