Core Decay Might Be The System Shock Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For

Capping off today’s Realms Deep 2020 stream, publisher 3D Realms revealed a new trailer for Core Decay. An FPS/RPG title in the vein of System Shock or Deus Ex, this seriously looks like the continuation of Looking Glass Studios’ popular sci-fi series that we’re likely to never see. All this game is missing is an appearance from SHODAN.

In development for a couple of years now, the project started life as the debut game from indie developer Ivar Hill. As you can see in the trailer, the inventory system looks ripped straight from Ion Storm’s classic shooter and the art style is most definitely inspired by classic sci-fi films. There’s a strong Aliens vibe, not to mention other retro shooters.

The description on the game’s official Steam store page reveals that over 100 different cybernetic implants will be available for players to customize their characters with. A wide array of guns for dispatching foes is also a given. You can’t walk around an abandoned space station without some kind of arsenal.

You can avoid confrontation if that’s your thing. An immersive sim first, Core Decay won’t force players into combat scenarios. Using your brain will be the key to success and the level design is built in such a way to allow for different options and routes.

Core Decay is currently on track for a 2021 release on PC. It may eventually head to consoles, but it’s too early to talk specific platforms. With the interface being built around mouse and keyboard controls, it might end up remaining a PC exclusive.

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