Cozy Grove: Who Is Pandam?

Spry Fox’s new game Cozy Grove offers a charming life-sim experience that fans of Animal Crossing will love. The game features gathering via different resources, crafting, completing quests for your spectral bear neighbors, and more. The island of Cozy Grove is full of mystery, with sweet storylines to discover, and little secrets to uncover.

The game hosts a variety of quirky and interesting ghost bear characters, as well as some creatures and other animal characters, such as Mr. Kit, the fox salesman. However, a particular character that players will come across is Pandam, the red panda. So who is this NPC exactly? We’ve got it all covered here.

Who is Pandam?

Pandam is an adorable red panda bear who is a travelling merchant that visits the island of Cozy Grove regularly. He can be found down at the dock whenever he is visiting.

What Does he Sell?

Pandam offers a range of rare and hard-to-find items, including various ingredients and decorations. While his stock rotates every visit, offering a range of differnet highly-soought after and highly expensive items, there is one thing he is always guaranteed to sell — eggs.

Pandam consistenly offers normal eggs, boiled eggs and deviled eggs, but the rest of his stock changes every visit.

The cooking ingredients can be bought with normal money, however, the nicer items such as the decorations can only be purchased using precious gems. Precious gems are the most valuable currency in the game and are crafted by speaking to Jeremy Gruffle.

  • One precious gemstone requires 10 semi-precious gems to craft. 
  • One semi-precious requires 10 quartz gemstones to craft. (Quartz gemstones are most commonly obtained from donating to Captain Snout’s collection, but can also be recieved as rewards.)

When does he visit?

Pandam visits Cozy Grove every Wednesday. However, he will only appear once you have taken part in seven campaign days. This means you have to have visited the island on at least seven different days, after which point he will begin visiting on the following Wednesday.

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