Crash Bandicoot for mobile leaked, massive disappointment follows

Crash Bandicoot finally has a brand new game coming out, and it’s an endless runner on mobile.

After the massive success of the N. Sane Trilogy, it was clear that Crash Bandicoot still had a place in modern gaming.

In fact, there were believable-seeming rumours that a new title called Crash Bandicoot Worlds was in the works, but the suggested December reveal date came and went and nothing has been heard since.

Meanwhile, another new game starring the orange marsupial has been discovered and… it’s a mobile game.

Artwork for the game was leaked thanks to some Facebook ads, and it didn’t take long for the images to spread across Twitter.

It’s being developed by King (the Activision-owned studio behind Candy Crush Saga) and looks to be an endless runner, much like Temple Run, where players must swipe left and right so Crash can grab fruit, break creates, and not… uh, crash into obstacles.

And in case you think this is just some incredibly convincing fake, a full, detailed description of the game was discovered on StoreMaven. It’s since been deleted but Kotaku was able to grab a screenshot of it.

This wouldn’t be the first time Crash has appeared on mobile devices, however. Before Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled, a number of racing spin-offs were only available on mobile. And then Yaya Panda, a character exclusive to those games, was added to Nitro Fueled a couple of months ago.

As for the aforementioned Crash Bandicoot Worlds, that would probably generate more of a positive reaction should it be real, as it’s said to feature three new mask characters (one of which seems to appear briefly in the trailer below) and semi-open worlds similar to Super Mario 3D World, which would be quite the divergent take compared to the original games.

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