Crypto coming to Apex Legends in season 3 next month

EA’s battle royale is getting a new playable character next month, with the first clear look at the oft-teased Crypto.

Respawn has made it official (even though we all knew) that a new addition is coming to the start of Apex Legends’ season 3 on 1 October. The stylish hacker Crypto was previously teased by a cameo in the game and has been known about for ages thanks to dataminers.

‘Cool, calm and collected’, reads his descripition on the Apex Legends website, which describes him as using ‘specialised surveillance drones to stay in the fight and out of the spotlight’.

Although it’s not spelled out exactly, it sounds like he’s going to be a support type character – perhaps something along the same lines as Bloodhound.

Crypto will be part of several new features in Season 3, which is called Meltdown. A brand new battle pass will be available with over 100 exclusive items, including new legendary skins and more Apex Packs.

A new weapon is also making its debut, with the charge rifle allowing you to store up energy and obliterate players with a direct hit.

A new ranked series will also begin on 1 October.

No doubt EA will reveal more information closer to the launch, but at the moment the upcoming season is looking a bit thin.

That’s surprising because developer Respawn has already been criticised by fans for the way they’ve handled previous seasons and you would’ve thought they’d be going all out this time.

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