Cuphead: How To Beat Baroness Von Bon Bon

Cuphead offers a challenge few other games can replicate. This indie darling melds tight controls and intricate bosses to create a boss gauntlet with relentless difficulty. With Inkwell Isle One behind him, Cuphead has even tougher bosses awaiting him in the next section.

One of the first bosses Cuphead can confront in Inkwell Isle Two is Baroness Von Bon Bon. This sugary leader is anything but sweet. She’ll send an army of fructose-filled minions to tackle this tenacious mug. Take these tips with you into the battle to overcome this fight and overthrow this tyrannical ruler.

7 Preparation

Before heading into the Sugarland Shimmy, we recommend you equip the Chaser and Spread Shot weapons. The Baroness is a unique boss that requires a more cautious approach.

Super I and Smoke Bomb are two excellent accessories to take into this fight as well.

It’ll take all Cuphead has to make it through this encounter without dying, and the Chaser lets his shots home in on his enemies, allowing him to focus on evasion. Before Cuphead can challenge the Baroness, he’ll have to take out three of her five minions that spawn each phase randomly. While the first phase consists of only the candy minibosses, each of the following phases will have soldiers from the Jelly Bullies Squad that run on the ground level. Some of these jelly beans are pink and can be parried, so keep an eye out for them.

One last note before moving forward: In the third and final miniboss phase, Baroness Von Bon Bon will rise from the top of her castle, shooting Cotton Clouds from a candy-coated shotgun. Three little clouds will spring forward, one blue, one yellow, and one pink. Shoot them as quickly as possible, parrying the pink cloud if possible.

Below we’ve listed the possible enemies that Cuphead can encounter in this boss battle before he can fight the Baroness.

6 Lord Gob Packer

One of the Baroness’s minions is Lord Gob Packer. This jawbreaker will slowly chase Cuphead around the stage, chomping periodically like Pac-Man with his Gob Maw. He also has a small minion that follows behind him through his pursuit. To deal with him, equip the spread shot and stand back, unloading as often as possible. Because Lord Gob Packer moves so slowly, there are plenty of chances to sit back and shoot this aggressive gobstopper. Watch out for his little minion, as he can sandwich you and inflict damage you’ll want to avoid.

5 Sargent Gumbo Gumball

Another adversary serving under the Baroness is Sargent Gumbo Gumball. This maniacal machine spews gumballs from the port in the top of his head while he shuffles from side to side. Gumbo’s Gumball Rain can be avoided by standing as close to him as possible, dodging when necessary. Equip the Spread Shot and unload on until he falls to pieces, looking out for the occasional jelly bean if you’re not on phase one.

4 Muffsky Chernikov

Another option appears in Muffsky Chernikov. This cruel cupcake hops around the stage, slamming himself on the ground, sending icing shockwaves to each side with the Cup Jump. Keep your distance from him, using the Chaser to damage him from afar. With the Chaser equipped, Cuphead can prioritize safety and health preservation. The Chaser will lock on any enemies on the field, even members of the Jelly Bullies Squad. Just try not to stand too close to the far left of the screen for extended periods of time on phases two and three, resulting in jelly beans bashing Cuphead from behind.

3 Kernel Von Pop

Next up is Kernel Von Pop, an evil candy corn creature. This Sugarland subject moves around the map in figure-eight maneuvers while spawning Mini Candy-Corns with his Candy-Corn Cernel ability. Like the Jelly Bullies Squad, these enemies can be destroyed, but only focus on them if they start to overrun Cuphead in this Phase. Use the Chaser to attack Kernel Von Pop no matter where on the map he hides, and eventually, he’ll yield, flying off the map after he’s defeated.

2 Sir Waffington III

The final member of the minion menagerie is Sir Waffington III. Equip the Spread Shot and pepper this slow-moving enemy with shots. This flying waffle will chase Cuphead around the stage no matter where he runs, so keep moving.

Take every opportunity to shoot back at Sir Waffington, especially when he uses his Split Waffles Attack. This move lets him split himself into nine separate pieces that spread around the map. Each piece will fly out in its outward-facing position, leaving only his teeth in place. When Sir Waffington makes noise and closes his eyes, that means he’s about to use this move. Move away from him and shoot the pieces with your Spread Shot, and he’ll fall in time.

1 Final Phase

Once Cuphead has beaten three of Baroness Von Bon Bon’s minions, she’ll emerge from her castle and confront him directly. When she does, her castle will come to life, chasing Cuphead and making the stage move in the process. Hop up on the candy platform and swap to the Chaser weapon. Bon Bon will start this portion of the fight by using the ‘Off With My Head!’ ability, a move that sends her head flying at Cuphead, homing in on his location. This head will stop if it misses and reverse course, staying on the field for several seconds.

On top of her tossing her heads at Cuphead, Bon Bon’s castle will spawn a new minion, Patsy Menthol, with its Sugarcake Roll Rush ability. This sentient mint moves forward using Peppermint Rollout, barreling towards Cuphead and covering the map’s bottom. With little room to operate in, you may need to hop down and parry Patsy Menthol to avoid the aggressive heads chasing after Cuphead. These can be parried repeatedly, so do so when necessary. Be warned that these mints will continue to spawn as the fight goes on. With these things in mind, do your best to keep the chaser firing as you’re evading all the Baronness can throw at you. If you have a Super saved up, use it here, and with some perseverance, the Baroness will finally fall.

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