Custom Plates For PS5 Could Make This Batman Concept A Reality

This fan-made Batman-themed PS5 has us hoping the next-gen console will come equipped with customizable plates more than ever.

With one month left until release day, it’s amazing to think that gamers still don’t know everything there is to know about the PS5. It seems more and more likely that we won’t know everything until the consoles arrive in our homes. A lucky few journalists and YouTubers were given the chance to get hands-on with the PS5 last week. The interaction has raised just as many questions as it has answers.

For starters, the nut hidden just inside of the PS5’s casing. Even those who got to physically touch the console don’t appear to know what it’s for. No way Sony would have left it visible for no reason at all. Some think that it is a latch of some sort that will allow owners to remove its case and replace it with whatever they like.

Within reason, of course. It depends on what people out there are creating. The white design still doesn’t sit well with a lot of PlayStation stalwarts, so it would make sense that Sony would allow gamers to switch it out should they so choose. As for what we would prefer to see in its place, it’s hard to look past this fan-made Batman concept created by Xbox Pope.

The PS5 is black rather than white and covered with hundreds of blue and green dots. Those dots form to make Batman’s mask, and the end result looks pretty incredible. The design extends to the DualSense controller which has a touchpad covered with those same dots. If custom plates for the PS5 are really going to be a thing, then it would be very cool to see this concept become a reality.

While they weren’t PlayStation exclusives, the Arkham trilogy was an incredibly popular series of games. Plus, Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be huge titles during the next generation. Having a custom Batman plates for the PS5 would make a lot of sense, perhaps in conjunction with the release of Gotham Knights.

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