Cyberpunk 2077: All Unique Submachine Guns, Ranked

Cyberpunk 2077 is not a game that waits around. Night City is moving, living, breathing, and if you’re just standing there, somebody will run into you or run over you. A cutthroat game like this does not hold your hand. So it stands to reason that if you’re in open combat, the enemies are equally unlikely to give you space.

The solution to this frenzy is to be just as frantic as the robots and organics that try to pounce on you. And to do that, you’ll want a submachine gun. Don’t weather the storm, be the storm. So when you’ve learned that lesson, you should seek out one of the game’s unique submachine guns and learn which ones are the best for your build.

Problem Solver

  • Submachine Gun.
  • Power Weapon.
  • Chance to apply bleed effects.

So the deal with this gun is that somebody wrote the word “iconic” on it but forgot to give it an iconic feature. The gun has a bleed effect on it, but so do many standard weapons that you’ll pick up during your travels.

The other possibility is that the gun was never supposed to be iconic to begin with. A side-by-side damage comparison with other guns shows the damage is in the middle, so if this is the first iconic submachine gun you found, don’t let it spoil your appetite for the rest!


  • Submachine Gun.
  • Smart Weapon.
  • Deals electrical damage and has a chance to shock.
  • Iconic: Deals bonus electrical damage and has a chance to detonate an EMP on impact.

Smart weapons and submachine guns seem like a match made it heaven. You want to use a gun that fires a ton of bullets, but it misses a lot. Using a smart weapon means that it never misses at all, which fixes the one major drawback.

The electrical damage, shock stuns, and EMP chances all help out too, but this gun does have a much lower DPS than the others, possibly to try and balance out the smart technology. Even so, it’s a great weapon for those who think submachine guns are too bouncy.

Prototype Shingen: Mark V

  • Submachine Gun.
  • Smart Weapon.
  • Fires explosive rounds.
  • Iconic: Can target up to three enemies.

This is the other smart submachine gun on the list and it truly has its own personality. Firing explosive rounds at the rate this gun does blows enemies off of their feet. The iconic ability spreads this love to three enemies at once.

It’s DPS is even lower than the Yinglong, but the tradeoff is that you can tackle three enemies at the same time who are all knocked down due to explosions, so you’ll be perfectly safe even against a small mob.


  • Submachine Gun.
  • Power Weapon.
  • Iconic: Comes with a unique mod that fires rounds that penetrate light cover.

There isn’t much to this gun that isn’t self-explanatory, just do not forget to take advantage of that iconic feature that allows your bullets to pierce cover. Enemies will see your submachine gun and dive for cover, turning them into easy, stationary targets.

It’s a power weapon, so missing enemies is part of the drill, just keep firing and let the ricochet take care of the rest.


  • Submachine Gun.
  • Power Weapon.
  • Deals thermal damage and has a chance to apply burn effects.
  • Iconic: Reduced bullet spread and increases bullet impact.
  • High recoil.

This gun’s penalty is a high recoil, but with a power effect that gives missed bullets another chance to strike, that shouldn’t scare you off.

The real winner here is the high bullet damage and the thermal damage, which, due to the high fire rate, ensures that any enemy against you will be constantly on fire while taking huge amounts of damage.

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