Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Praise CDPR’s Improved Working Conditions As The Company Gets Ready To Expand

CD Projekt Red's future schedule has caused many fans to worry about the company's employees and what they'll have to overcome in the pursuit of such ambitious goals. However, according to the devs themselves, the studio "has been going through great lengths to improve working conditions" recently, and things should only improve going forward.

Speaking to fans, Cyberpunk 2077 quest designer Patrick Mills assured that "there's been a lot of work done for the past couple of years to try and fix" all the problems the company had during the final stages of development. In his words, while "it won't ever be perfect," Mills is pretty optimistic for the future, saying he'd "rather work here than most other AAA studios." Sounds promising, especially in light of the opening of a new studio in Vancouver to focus on Cyberpunk 2077's sequel known as Project Orion.

Back in the day, when the studio was gearing up for Cyberpunk 2077's hotly-anticipated release, the majority of the team was forced to work six-day weeks, as in studio head Adam Badowski's words, it has "extended all other possible means of navigating the situation." These terms were named as "more humane" than the crunch prior to The Witcher 3's launch in 2015. Hopefully, this is entirely a thing of the past now.

Mills isn't the only one to agree such problems were addressed by top executives recently. CP2077's lead level designer Miles Tost said he can definitely relate, as he feels "there's never been a better time" to be a studio's worker in the last ten years. Tost says he's confident "it will only get better from here," apparently anticipating how the company will be joined by a new staff from the US.

While definitely pleasing to hear, it is yet to be seen how the company will keep to that promise with its future major projects, including a new standalone Project Hadar, developed entirely from scratch.

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