Cyberpunk 2077: How To Lose The Police

Love it or hate it, Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 is a dangerous and hostile place for just about everyone. Gangs run amuck and it seems that just about everyone on the street is packing heat.

This can lead to plenty of opportunities, intentional or not, for you to engage in some…let’s just say less than lawful interactions. It doesn’t matter who shot first in Night City; the cops will show no hesitation in putting you down once you’re on their radar. If you need to get the fuzz off your back, here’s how to lose the police in Cyberpunk 2077.

How To Lose The Police

If you happen to get into a shoot out, piss off a civilian, or even point your gun at the wrong person, the Night City police will appear, sometimes literally, to take you down. You can stand your ground and fight if you want, but that can lead to very long, costly, and often deadly encounters as your wanted level increases that you’d be much better off avoiding.

Hop In Your Getaway Car

Your trusty vehicle is your best bet for escaping he law in Night City. Obviously this is much faster than trying to escape on foot, but the cops in this town are not all that interested in getting into high speed chases. Once you’re a small distance away, you’re essentially in the clear to find a quiet place to let your wanted level drain down in peace. Just make sure you get out of there quick because they will still try and blow up your car while its still in range.

Head For Cover

Just like a storm, going indoors is a fantastic way to avoid the police. It might seem like you’re just putting yourself into a corner, but two more weaknesses of this police force are their inability to figure out doors most of the time, and their short attention spans. If you dive into a store and close the door behind you, you might as well have built an impenetrable wall between you and your pursuers. After that, just hang out for a while until they get bored and decide to head home.

The same trick will work if you’re near an elevator, too. Just dive in, pick any floor, and ride up to a clean criminal record.

Run For It

If all else fails, or if there’s no viable road or indoor location you can reach, your last resort is always to hoof it as fast as you can in the other direction. You can see where the cops are and where they’re looking on your mini-map, so find the most direct route away from them and run like your life depends on it.

You should obviously look for a car your can steal or shop you can enter first to get away as safely as possible, but you can just run for it and slip away if you plot your course right.

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