Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Adds Useable Delamain Taxi Service

It's pretty disappointing that you almost always have to make your own way around in Cyberpunk 2077. In the Corpo lifepath, you get a flying vehicle. During The Heist, you're treated to a luxurious ride in a premium, A.I.-driven taxi. But now, thanks to a Cyberpunk modder, we can get this experience throughout the game too.

With the Transports Of Night City mod installed, you can cruise around Night City in a ride befitting V's status – and not driven by the player. Now, you can use Delamain's services whenever you want, paying a different amount depending on the quality you're after. Released two days ago, the mod has already been installed over one thousand times, making it an increasingly popular way to get around.

"Want to get a ride in Night City? Without driving?" reads the description over on Nexus Mods. "Call Delamain Service and you will be always right [on] time!"

As you can see in the images on the Nexus page, the available vehicles can differ greatly. In one pic, V is transported by a simple taxi, seemingly worse than the one that picks you and Jackie up during The Heist. In another screenshot, however, we see what seems to be the most expensive option – a flying car. This makes for the most stylish way to get around the city, ignoring the violence of the streets.

So far, it appears the mod has a few bugs to iron out – but that's definitely not getting in the way of many players' enjoyment.

"I choose the expensive option, mark my waypoint at one of the quest markers, Delamain flies all the way and I land in the middle of club," says Nexus user ThangNguyen2207. "I got surrounded by enemies and die. 100% recommend this mod lol."

So it definitely doesn't sound like your trip will be boring, but that's exactly what we've come to expect from Night City. And with more than a thousand players checking it out, it's definitely worth a shot.

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