Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Brings Christmas To Night City

Night City might be a dystopian cyberpunk hell where people order Burger King through a chip in their left toe, but that doesn't stop them from celebrating the holidays. Or at least, it shouldn't. That's why modder Gigil has put together a Christmas pack for Cyberpunk 2077 chock full of festive props.

Aptly titled Merry Christmas, this mod adds Christmas trees, Santa hats, stockings, little baubels, presents, decorations,bows, festive cups adorned with reindeers and snowflakes, snowman hats, and more. One of the images attached even shows an octopus ornament with a santa hat on, holding a candy cane in its tentacle-hand (can you call it a hand?). It's not a paw, anyway.

Whether the denizens of Night City celebrate holidays like Christmas has been something debated since the game came out. 2077 is only 50 years away, and it's set in our future, so the likelihood of our favourite holidays dying out seems unlikely. But there's no sign of Halloween or the Easter Bunny, nobody excited that December 25 is rearing its head. They're a little preoccupied, but it's worth considering.

But with how holidays are already commercial giants used by corporations to market, market, market, a dystopian world all about corporations taking over and monopolising everything, even people, would no doubt embrace the holidays even moreso. Maybe we just missed it, eh? Luckily, this modder has picked up the slack. You can sit around the fire, opening presents with Keanu Reeves, while he makes snarky commentary.

Or maybe we can make Keanu Reeves wear a little Santa costume – I'm sure he'd love that. Or I guess I should say Johnny Silverhand. Either way, he'd hate it.

The mod description says, "Don't tell me it's early. We say: prepare your sled in the summer, and your Christmas deco pack in November. So he are some new props for you to play [with]." To install it, you need AMM, and it's as simple as putting it into the archive PC mod folder.

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