Cyberpunk 2077: Most Useful Single Point Perks In Every Category

Cyberpunk 2077 has huge skill trees for you to upgrade as you level up during your adventures in Night City, and if you want to make a powerful character, you’re best off looking at all of our Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guides.

But if you’re happy to spend a few perk points in places that don’t relate to the build you have in mind, you will find that some perks can be acquired with a single perk point, and very few points spent on your chosen tree. These perks are available early on and can make your journey through Night City much easier for a variety of reasons. Just read on below for all of the low-cost perks you should consider adding to your build.



Regeneration – Attribute Requirement 0

This perk allows you to regenerate health slowly during combat, making it useful in any given build. Even while in combat and low on meds, you can hide and recover some health while taking enemies down in stealth.

Pack Mule – Attribute Requirement 0

This increases your carrying capacity by 60 for only a single perk point, making it worthwhile if you’re the type to loot everything. Very useful if you like to regularly collect and sell junk for money – though there are better ways of making money in Night City.



Mechanic – Attribute Requirement 0

This perk gives you more components when disassembling items, and disassembled components can be used to make more meds and ammo, which is great for any combat encounter.

True Craftsman – Attribute Requirement 5

This enables you to craft rare items, opening you up to creating a lot of blueprints that vendors across Night City have on offer. Crafting Epic or Legendary items requires a loot more points spent into the Tech tree.

Scrapper – Attribute Requirement 5

Scrapper is a very useful perk. It requires you spend five points into the Tech tree, but it will automatically disassemble all junk items that go into your inventory – which is fine, since they weren’t worth much money anyway. What makes this perk even better is that you get Crafting experience for every item you disassemble, meaning you will be earning extra experience and levelling up just looting the world.


Can’t Touch This – Attribute Requirement 5

This perk will make you totally immune to all effects from your own grenades, which entirely puts an end to the meme about only getting flashed by my own flashbang. This won’t protect you against enemy grenades, but makes them a much more viable combat option in tight spaces.

Grenadier – Attribute Requirement 5

Another grenade perk, and this one will show you the blast radius of grenades on the ground, which is essential for when you’re fighting against enemies that love to throw grenades around. This will make them much easier to avoid, but you won’t survive for longer than usual.



Forget-me-not – Attribute Requirement 5

This is good if you like just a little bit of light hacking during your infiltrations – taking down any enemy will recover one RAM unit, letting you continue hacking.

I Spy – Attribute Requirement 5

Any time an enemy attempts to hack you, this will reveal their location to you so you can shut them down.



Crouching Tiger – Attribute Requirement 0

This is a simple perk which boosts your crouched movement speed by 20%, which is a nice boost if you’re often sneaking past enemies.

Hidden Dragon – Attribute Requirement 5

This will allow you to perform Assassin’s Creed-style aerial takedowns, which will knock out enemies without killing them. Very, very cool, but more useful if you’re the type of player that actually manages to stay hidden.

Dagger Dealer – Attribute Requirement 5

This allows you to equip throwing knives to fling at enemies – they’ve not guaranteed to kill, but it’s something to fall back on during stealth segments.

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