Cyberpunk 2077 Player Glitches Into Locked Motel Room And Finds Robots Playing Cards

Despite the patches, Cyberpunk’s glitches keep on coming, and this one is equal parts bizarre and entertaining.

Even though the majority of the news surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 since launch has been negative, the game isn’t all bad. Its size and story are still major accomplishments, especially if you are playing the game on PC. Some of the glitches that remain untouched by the rollout of patches are also more entertaining than bothersome, including the one in the clip below.

A reddit user posted a clip of their successful attempt to glitch inside of motel room 1242. You would think areas that are supposed to be inaccessible to players would feature, well, nothing. If the intention was to never allow players inside of that space, then it seems pointless to include anything behind the door. Other than perhaps reused skins and textures from a similar space elsewhere in the game.

Not only does the Cyberpunk player discover a detailed motel room after using a car to glitch inside, but the mystery motel room also has a couple of occupants. Two robots are sat at the room’s table smoking and playing cards. The robot pair doesn’t seem too bothered by the unexpected intruder, although one of them asks them to remain silent for their own safety.

Why Cyberpunk’s devs would include a couple of robots in a room that should never have been breached is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it was for nothing more than their own entertainment. The clip above shows that the couple has names, suggesting that they are randomly spawned NPCs. That might mean if someone else were to glitch into the same motel room, they might find different NPCs inside.

There’s a very strong chance the robots are an easter egg devs hoped someone would eventually stumble on. Easter eggs are one thing Cyberpunk is certainly not short of. Some of the surprises discovered so far include references to Terminator 2, the cave from Iron Man, and a hat tip to the train mission from GTA San Andreas. Now excuse us while we read to room 1242 and try to find some robots of our own.

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