Cyberpunk 2077 Players Are Trying To Uncover The Game’s Biggest Mystery

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that is full of mysteries; why does so little change in the world between Johnny’s 2013 heist attempt and the game’s narrative (which is 64 years in the future)? Why does V randomly get dizzy during conversations? Why is it only a rollercoaster that will break down Johnny Silverhand’s prickly façade? Which ending it the true ending? Why did CD Projekt Red release such a bug riddled game? The list goes on.

One of the biggest mysteries in Cyberpunk 2077, however, is that of the elusive Mr. Blue Eyes. Just who, or what, is he? Depending on the path that each individual player decides to pursue around Night City, Mr. Blue Eyes may not ever actually be encountered. When he is though, his presence is an unnerving one. Even the NPCs throughout Night City will mention him in passing, with the common assumption being that Mr. Blue Eyes is always there, and that he is always watching. Watching what, or who, and for why is never addressed.

This idea that Mr. Blue Eyes is always watching is certainly a very probable one. V will encounter Mr. Blue Eyes surveying a meeting of theirs with politician Jefferson Peralez in the mission Dream On. Although, maybe “encounter” is too strong a word, as V never actually has to interact with Mr. Blue Eyes for this mission. Rather, he can be seen in the distance simply watching the players’ conversation with Jefferson, as shown by Tails of Saturn. This video also shows that V is unable to harm Mr. Blue Eyes while he is standing on the platform that overlooks the meeting.

Then there is his ring. Mr. Blue Eyes can be seen to wear a JinGuji ring in gold throughout the game. The only other two characters to wear such a ring (at least to my knowledge) are those of Jefferson Peralez and, oddly, Garry the Prophet. Are they all part of some sort of cult or brotherhood? What would connect these characters together?

For those who have played Cyberpunk 2077, it will be known that characters that have eyes like that of Mr. Blue Eyes, that shine with a neon glow, are characters that are being used as a vessel for another party. This is the case of the Doll that converses with V in the run-down motel outside of Night City, where the Doll is a medium for Hanako to communicate with the player. Does this mean that Mr. Blue Eyes is also under the control of someone within Night City? And if so, just who is it? What is their end game?

These questions remain a mystery. Perhaps with future updates and a DLC, some of these loose ends will get tied up. Until then, speculation is all we have.

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