Cyberpunk 2077 release date announcement incoming? New job listing suggests more news soon

A new job listing for a “Release Manager” at CD Projekt RED has gone live this week, and – as you can imagine – it’s got people speculating like crazy.

Though the listing doesn’t refer at any point to Cyberpunk 2077 specifically, it does note that the role will help guide and shape the release of the developer’s creative output.

“We’re looking for a quality-focused and well-organized Release Manager to support us on our current and upcoming projects and to take part in coordination of all global product releases,” the job listing states.

“As release manager you will cooperate and communicate with all stakeholders from the CD Projekt involved in the release and take active part in organizing whole process. It includes submissions to first party console manufacturers, oversee compliance certification process and working with partners on publishing process on multiple platforms.”

It comes with a long list of duties – which you can see below.

• Active part of overall product launch process.
• Interface with global release manager to ensure successful product release.
• Coordinate communication and key dates between various development and publishing groups.
• Ensure communication between external partners and the development team, coordinating and negotiating development plans, exceptions, sales/mktg/publishing content, as well as releases.
• Scheduling, coordination, quality control and external certification process across multiple platforms and products.
• Submitting builds to external partners inside and out, and overseeing all aspects of external build certification.
• Create and manage the release checklist.
• Assist with submissions to age rating agencies.
• Provide reports on release progress.
• Working closely with dev team, production, QA, and Live Ops teams on identifying and resolving risk related to releases.
• Working closely with Live Ops team to coordinate and publish frequent builds, hotfixes, and patches.
• Help coordinate project teams involved in the product development process.

So why do we think this means that a release date is imminent? Well, we posit that CDPR wouldn’t be looking for a manager for releases if they didn’t have a big announcement to make about games that are releasing… right? 

It’s been so long – we must be getting a release date announcement soon, right? Maybe before E3? We can dream.

Cyberpunk 2077 just keeps on keeping on. Which is to say that CD Projekt Red are basically the gift that keeps on giving at this point.

Though, and this makes a nice change, this time the news comes from an interview rather than a tweet.

We are truly in the future now and we like it. Sometimes just having a concrete quote from a developer is enough to get the imagination racing, this is definitely one of those times.

While everyone knows that Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG (role-playing game) we don’t really know exactly what that means.

RPG is a term that is thrown around a fair bit, but the specifics are often muddled or pretty much whatever the developer wants them to be.

It makes things especially tricky for those who like nice clean-cut definitions for much of the jargon and short-hand we use in the industry – sometimes the term fits well enough, but often the specifics are so variable it is hard to see the point.

In an interview with GameStar, the CDProjektRed have said that there will be no game over screens in sight, at least, not when you fail a mission.

You can read more about this update at the link.

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