Danganronpa 2: Chapter Three Trial Walkthrough

Welcome to the third trial of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Just like in the first game, this third trial involves not one killing but two! You are going to solve the murder of Ibuki and Hiyoko.

Once this trial is completed, you are already halfway through the game. Don't worry though, as there are plenty of twists and turns ahead. Enjoy this while you can because, after this trial, the courtroom is going to look much emptier.

Updated May 17th, 2022 by Jacqueline Zalace: We've updated this guide to help you better understand what exactly happened in this double murder. Additonally, you can now check out the closing argument with every panel put in the correct place.

Trial Mechanics

Let's take a quick look at the mechanics of this trial before diving into the full walkthrough.

Non-Stop DebateLook for highlighted words to make a counterpoint to. Shoot at them with the correct piece of evidence from the investigation phase.

  • Remember that you can absorb some highlighted statements and shoot them at others. Shoot down any white noise in the way of statements as well.
Multiple ChoicePick the correct answer to a question.
Hangman's GambitSpell out a word in order to answer a question. It's best to guess the word based on the number of letters first.
Logic DiveSurf through an obstacle course as you answer questions. Surf to the correct answers to beat the course in time.

  • Getting one wrong does not always mean you lose the minigame.
Rebuttal ShowdownSlice up a character's argument and hit one of their weak statements with evidence that counters it.
Pick a Truth BulletSelect evidence to support a fact, answer a question, or disprove a statement.
Spot SelectionClick on a specific place on a picture to answer a "where" question.
Panic Talk ActionShoot down statements to the beat of a rhythm and hit four keys in the right order to spell out evidence that disproves the arguer's point.
Identify a PersonSelect a character that answers a "who" question.
Closing ArgumentMake a comic about how the murder occurred.

A Trial Walkthrough For Ibuki And Hiyoko's Case

Below, you can find a full walkthrough of the third trial, separated by non-stop debates.

Non-Stop Debate One

  • What To Counter:
    • Nagito will say "the bodies were imitating the movie." Counter that with Movie's Invitation Ticket.

    Non-Stop Debate Two

    • What To Counter:
      • Fuyuhiko will say "By locking the door from the inside." Shoot that with Semitransparent Glob.
      Multiple Choice 1What was the semitransparent glob?Glue
      Hangman's GambitWhat was the dipped paper?Wallpaper
      Logic DiveHow was Hiyoko's body hidden?
      • Question 1:
        • It was hidden
      • Question 2:
        • The wallpaper
      • Question 3:
        • They covered the pillar
      Multiple Choice 2Why was the movie imitated?To mix up the killing order

      Non-Stop Debate Three

      • What To Counter:
        • Sonia will ask "was there any sign she stepped on something?" Shoot that with Blood on the Soles.
        Rebuttal ShowdownFace off against GundhamWhen he says "There was no blood on the floor," hit him with "Smudge on the Floor".

        Non-Stop Debate Four

        • What To Counter:
          • Sonia will say "if nobody has an alibi then." Shoot that with Mikan's Account.

          Non-Stop Debate Five

          • What To Counter:
            • Next Sonia will say "She went of her own free will." Shoot that with Motel Room Key.
            Rebuttal ShowdownFace off against Akane.When she says "She fought the killer," counter that with "Sonia's Account".
            Pick a Truth BulletWhy weren't there any footprints?Stepladder
            Spot SelectionWhat's strange based off the debates thus far?Side of the stepladder
            Hangman's Gambit 1What was the difference between the video and the actual crime scene?Filming Location
            Logic DiveWhat happened to the camera?
            • Question 1:
              • The camera
            • Question 2:
              • The music venue
            • Question 3:
              • They took it with them
            Multiple ChoiceWhat did the killer do to the remaining monitor?Destroyed it
            Hangman's Gambit 2Where did the killer film and make the scene look like the music venue?Conference Room

            Non-Stop Debate Six

            • What To Counter:
              • Kazuichi will say "Or did the music venue look like the conference room?" Shoot that with Music Venue Curtain.
              Pick a Truth BulletWhat was used to make the music venue look like the conference room?Candle
              Multiple ChoiceWhere was the fake?Ibuki in the conference room
              Identify a PersonChoose the killer!Mikan Tsumiki

              Non-Stop Debate Seven

              • What To Counter:
                • Kazuichi will ask, "Did we fall for someone's lie?" Shoot that with rope used for hanging.

                Non-Stop Debate Eight

                • What To Counter:
                  • Absorb Killer's mistake and shoot it at Mikan's statement, "Just from that camera angle?"
                  Panic Talk ActionFight Mikan in the rhythm game.Theater Bonus Prize

                  Closing Argument

                  Now, it's time to tell the story of what happened, comic style. Above, you can check out the complete closing argument with every panel in the correct spot. If you are a bit confused about what happened, you can check out the summary below as well.

                  To start off, Hajime went to the hospital with Mikan in the morning. In the lobby, Hajime saw surveillance footage of someone with a bag over their head approaching a noose. While it was thought that the footage came from the music venue, it was in a different place.

                  The killer had stolen the camera from the music venue and filmed in the hospital conference room. The footage was fake, and the crime had already occurred. The person with the bag on their head in the video was the killer.

                  Hajime got to the music venue and saw the body. In a panic, he ran to get the others. The killer counted on this and quickly unveiled the second body of Hiyoko that they covered with wallpaper. Then they destroyed the surveillance camera that was used.

                  They mixed the destroyed camera with the destroyed monitor at the crime scene. Next, they broke a pair of drumsticks and placed them near the venue entrance. This was to simulate the room being locked from the inside with the drumsticks. However, what was really holding the door shut was the glue that the killer used.

                  Next, the killer met up with Hajime, Fuyuhiko, and Chiaki. They pretended to be surprised by everything, but it was all according to plan.

                  And that killer was… Mikan Tsumiki.

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