Dark Souls Fans Are Debating Which Boss Would Be The Tastiest To Eat

FromSoftware fans are certainly one of the more unique communities out there. If they're not stripping down naked to fight some of the hardest bosses, they're confessing some of the worst things they've ever done in-game. It's a community full of quirky yet wonderful individuals that enjoy serious debates, but can easily revel in the ridiculous. The most recent discussion is definitely an example of the latter.

Kicked off by Redditor Soulas0, Dark Souls fans have been discussing which of the game's bosses would be the best to eat. Soulas0 – who claims to be a professional chef and was inspired by the YouTube channel Mythical Kitchen – rattled off their top five Dark Souls bosses they'd eat, explaining in excruciating detail how they'd prep and serve some of the game's most dangerous foes.

Soulas0 thinks Moonlight Butterfly would make a great salad and that the Capra Demon is essentially just a goat, but they think that Seath the Scaleless would be best to cook up due to the amount of seperate dishes that would be possible. Of course, other Dark Souls fans jumped in with their opinions, including a comment from Itzzyaboiisynx who thinks the Asylum Demon would make a good meal, albeit a little fatty. That's when BerglomeuSantos suggests the Firesage Demon as a cleaner alternative.

Other picks include the Taurus Demon for essentially being a bipedal cow, Ceaseless Discharge for the hot sauce, and Manus, Father of the Abyss was even chosen as Redditor ehrono explains that they'd like to sample the "unique flavor of the abyss." Gravelord Nito and the Bed Of Chaos were both pretty unpopular choices though, understandable since they're made out of skeletons and wood respectively.

It's definitely an odd discussion, but if you want more examples of just how odd the FromSoftware fanbase can be at times, one fan recently calculated how smelly each Soulsborne protagonist is. Elden Ring fans will be pleased to know that their protagonist is actually the cleanest of the bunch, although you may want to avoid Dark Souls 3's protagonist if you have a sensitive nose.

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