Days Gone: Cascade Lakes Rail Line Infestation Guide

As you explore Oregon in Days Gone, Deacon will discover Infestation Nests. These are hives in which freaks hibernate during the day. You can destroy these to gain XP and Trust as well as to unlock more fast travel routes.

Cascade Lakes Rail Line is an infested area in the Highway 97 region. Here’s everything you need to know to destroy the Infestation Nests at the Cascade Lakes Rail Line.

Cascade Lakes Rail Line Infestation Nest Locations

There are five nests at the Cascade Lakes Rail Line. This area will be found late in the game, so there will be lots of zombies to fight. Bring the best weapons and plenty of ammo to survive.

The rail line is also quite far from any encampments, so make sure you preserve fuel on the way.

Cascade Lakes Rail Line Nest One

As you travel North, along the road to the Rail Line infestation area, you will come across a bridge blocked by a yellow school bus. This is where you will find the nests.

The first nest is in a crashed white truck to the right of the school bus, slightly off the road just before the bridge.

Cascade Lakes Rail Line Nest Two And Three

The next two nests are both found under the bridge, so head down the slope to get underneath. Look under the bridge to find a green train car, in which you’ll see the second nest.

The third nest is also under the bridge, but it isn’t hidden in anything. It’s in the open, so it’s very hard to miss.

Cascade Lakes Rail Line Nest Four

The fourth nest is also in a white truck, but this one is on the other side of the bridge. As you cross the bridge, you will see a fallen tree blocking the road. Head around it to find the truck tipped over on the slope. Look inside to find the fourth nest.

Cascade Lakes Rail Line Nest #5

The final nest along the Cascade Lakes Rail Line is a bit further away. Travel a short distance East along the rail line. Whilst moving, keep looking left. You’ll find the final infestation buried amongst a large formation of rocks.

Cascade Lakes Rail Line Survival Tips

Whilst you are clearing the nests, watch out for aerial attacks.

  • Infected Ravens, known as Criers, inhabit this area.

You’ll see their nests in the trees. They can also be destroyed, but this isn’t necessary to clear the swarmer infestation at the Rail Line.

When you approach the bridge, you’ll find a police car. There is also another on the other side if you cross the bridge heading North.

  • Deacon can search the trunks of both to find ammo for all your weapons.

Finally, make sure you’re prepared for a tough fight. This area is swarming with enemies.

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