Days Gone: How To Fast Travel

Sony’s post-apocalyptic Oregon is pretty big, so traveling around can take a lot of time — time that could be better used to slay hordes and clear infestations. Whatever your reason, fast travel is probably going to be very important during your time with Days Gone, especially if you want to find all the collectibles.

Here’s everything you need to know about fast travel in Days Gone.

How To Fast Travel

To fast travel, you’ll first open up your map. Then, hover over your destination. If you can fast travel there, it will show the requirements and prompt you to press square.

However, you might notice that you can’t fast travel to a checkpoint or camp if you don’t meet the necessary requirements.

Fast Travel Requirements

In Days Gone, fast travel has certain requirements. If you don’t meet them, you will have to make the journey yourself.

Fuel is the primary requirement that will always affect you, no matter how far you are in the game. To fast travel in Days Gone, Deacon must have the appropriate amount of fuel in his motorcycle to make the journey.

However, there are other factors that may prevent you from fast traveling around Oregon. If there is an infestation between your current location and your destination, you won’t be able to fast travel. This is because it is too dangerous, so you must clear the infestation out first.

To fast travel to the different encampments in Days Gone, you must first have at least trust level 1 with them. To get this trust level, complete missions for them, clear freaks out from the surrounding areas, and bring in bounties for a reward. Eventually, your trust will level up with the camp and it will be unlocked as a fast travel marker.

How To Unlock More Fast Travel Locations

Each camp you find during the main story of Days Gone can act as a fast travel point. When you first find an encampment, spend time earning their trust so that you can unlock it as a fast travel destination.

NERO Checkpoints can also be used as fast travel locations. To unlock these, you must go to the checkpoint and power it up. When you can go inside and use it as a base, it will also be available for fast travel.

Likewise, Ambush Camps that you clear out will act as fast travel destinations. To unlock these, clear out any hostiles and then find the Bunker. Once you have found the Bunker, the camp will become a fast travel point for Deacon.

With the above information, you now know everything you need to fast travel in Days Gone, including how to unlock more fast travel locations.

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