Dead By Daylight Announces Upcoming Nerfs To Freddy Krueger And Huntress, While Buffing The Demogorgon

Behavior Interactive has announced an upcoming round of buffs and nerfs for several killers in Dead by Daylight, including Freddy Krueger, The Huntress, and The Demogorgon. While the following changes are sure to shift how players take on the role of Killer and Survivor, most will come in the form of minor tweaks, and not major character reworks.

First up are the nerfs, and Freddy is receiving several minor adjustments in an effort to reign in his overall power. According to the developers, this Killer has a “particularly high kill rate, averaging roughly 3 kills per match.” This should come as no surprise, as few other killers can match Freddy’s mobility, thanks to his ability to teleport across the map to any generator that has not been repaired. Luckily, this core strength of Freddy’s kit remains intact, and instead, the upcoming changes will focus on how chases unfold.

This means that Freddy’s movement speed while placing a snare will soon drop to 4.0 m/s, down from his normal walking speed, and the maximum number of snares will be reduced to 5, down from 8 (dream pallets, for those who use them, will also be reduced to 7, down from 10). In addition, add-ons that reduced action speeds for Survivors have been reworked to cause actions to be louder, among a few other similar changes.

Each of these changes may seem insignificant, but put together, they will force a shift in how Freddy chases his prey. He will no longer be able to chase a Survivor and spam his snares, while also close the distance to launch an attack. Instead, snares will need to be placed in advanced in strategic locations to best be utilized, or he will easily be left behind.

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The Huntress is up next, and her changes are related to add-on reworks. One in particular is certainly a long-overdue nerf, and is that the Iridescent Head now limits the maximum number of carried Hatchets to one, regardless of the effects of other add-ons. Players with deadly accuracy will still be lethal to go up against, but they will not be able to use other add-ons to have two instant-down weapons at the same time. Cutting down the Hatchet count of The Huntress by 50% means twice as many visits to a locker to restock, and Survivors will certainly feel less pressure as a result.

Onto the buffs now, and The Demogorgon is getting some much-needed love. The changes made here are quite simple, with faster movement speed while inside of a portal, a reduced cooldown after exiting a portal, and having a longer Undetectable period after exiting a portal. These changes are all great, especially for those who work hard to make the best use of their portals. It might not match the same levels of speed at The Blight, but it is a great start and will reward careful placement and usage of portals throughout a match.

Be sure to check out the full post by clicking here, as there are many more changes coming to Dead by Daylight!

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