Dead Space: Chapter 12 Walkthrough

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The time has come. Isaac Clarke, who is totally not under the influence or anything, has piloted a shuttle down to Aegis VII to put things to rights. Dead Space concludes its remake much in the same vein as the original 2008 sci-fi thriller it's based upon, but this time it's so much prettier – and by prettier, we mean intentionally grittier.

Help the Marker meet its maker and slay the vicious Hivemind at the center of it all with a little help from our guide coverage of Dead Space's final chapter, the aptly titled 'Dead Space'.

New Arrivals

Exit the shuttle and escort the Marker on its way into Living Quarters. Expect heavy Necromorph turbulence while en route. Once you and your Marker friend hit the Server Room, acquire the Power Cell directly in front of you and restore it to its appropriate socket near the Marker in the Main Landing Pad.

Reactivate the Marker via shutter control, first in the outside area and then again in the small hall between rooms. The following room's quarantine stage is one of the bloodiest in all of Dead Space, with a medley of Necromorphs to take out before you can continue forward. Tap into the controls for this next shutter for the Marker. It's like we're constantly laying out the red carpet for this red… thing.

The Power Junction room unlocks once the Marker's path reaches it. Let's head inside.

Power Restoration Procedure

Another day, another shutter. Isaac deduces there's a busted power line during the following call. Head through the room and prepare to do battle against some Guardians. Remember to keep your distance as best as possible. Slow and steady wins the race against abominations capable of launching tentacles that can then blast poisonous blobs at you.

Go through the door into Tether Control. Your goal here is to restore the energy for three sockets. The trick is, you're only going to find two by using Kinesis to lift crates and expose the pair of Power Cells. By all means, grab those two, and fill two-thirds of the sockets just fine. For the third, however, you will need to pull the Power Cell from the elevator you arrived here on.

You'll need to activate the terminal here now. You'll be in a zero-gravity situation again as a result. Use Isaac's thrusters to push him up into the air enough for you to locate and destroy some all-too-familiar yellow sacs. In order to reach them, and get past them for that matter, you'll need Stasis for those fans.

Locate the door high up above. Activate the terminal to keep the Marker moving. Expect another procession of Necromorphs to emerge in this next room – we had some real trouble with this batch as well. You'll be rinse-and-repeating the shutter door procedure a couple more times before emerging outside. Keep destroying the yellow sacs to remove tentacles blocking the Marker's motion.

The Final Stretch

Finally, we've made it outside. Follow the path several paces, and you'll come upon a tentacle. This tentacle is ruthlessly quick, so keep some distance between you. The Marker's path is obstructed again; go left as far as possible to come upon the additional sacs in need of splattering. Beware the arrival of a handful more Necromorphs afterward each sac.

Whatever you do, goodness gracious, do not destroy more than one sac while Necromorphs are active. Survival against two or more 'sets' of awakened monsters at once is, in a word, difficult.

Even activating the controls for the bridge to let the Maker pass through triggers more Necromorphs. The Hive Mind is clearly not thrilled with Isaac Clarke. Exercise extreme caution out here. When the final set of monsters is eliminated, Isaac can finally get the Marker the remainder of the way to the pedestal. Good work.

Killer Queen

Enjoy the cutscenes. It seems revelations just follow Kendra Daniels wherever she goes. Walk through the squishy, icky, tunnel… thing. The next room has loads of goodies. You'll need to destroy the lock by the door to proceed. When you get to the shop, note that it's the final shop. There's little point in hanging on to your credits, so spend big if you need to. Exit to the Main Landing Pad. So begins the last battle.

The Hive Mind has several phases. During the first, you need to target the five yellow spots on its face. (Or whatever you want to call that part of the creature.) The Hive Mind's tendrils are its main form of assault. They'll slam down at seemingly random intervals, so you need to keep Isaac fast on his feet.

Each time one of the five spots is destroyed, the Hive Mind will retaliate by firing off a spray that explodes on impact. Keep clear of those as best you can. Successfully avoiding them does mean they'll accumulate, however, limiting your movement range further each time.

After the first phase, you'll square off against a small horde of Necromorphs. Keep the pressure on them. The follow-up phase involves a set of five more weak spots within its chest cavity (?) that are only sometimes visible to blast. The tendril strikes are now even more powerful, and the acid the Hive Mind sometimes sprays is deadly as heck.

The acid is fired in straight shots. It'll stick around, so once again, you'll be competing with limited space. You can only take out one weak spot per 'round', so to speak – the enemy will go through a scripted phase between each that prohibits you from destroying more spots for a moment.

Survive the second phase, and it's on to the third. The Hive Mind automatically latches on to Isaac. You're now in midair. There's just one weak spot left, and it's as glowingly apparent as ever. Accuracy will take a tremendous nosedive during the Hive Mind's vicious tantrum, but it will slow down long enough for you to fire with everything you've got left.

And that's a wrap for Aegis VII. We can only imagine the shower Isaac's going to need to take when he gets home. Enjoy the ending – and thanks for following along with our walkthrough!

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