Dead Space’s Composer Wants EA To Skip Ahead To Dead Space 4

The composer for the Dead Space remake, Trevor Gureckis, thinks that EA should skip ahead to Dead Space 4 instead of remaking the second and third games.

Since the successful launch of the Dead Space remake last week, fans of the series have been wondering what the future holds for Isaac Clarke, and whether we'll be getting similar remakes of Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 in the future. The strong critical response seems to indicate that the series is here to stay and that we'll see rebuilt versions of the next two games, but the remake's composer has an interesting idea for what EA should do next.

As reported by PCGamesN, Trevor Gureckis, who composed the Dead Space remake, thinks that EA should skip remaking the second and third games and instead go straight for the fourth title. Gureckis argues that the remake was enough to remind everyone about the series and get them back on board, making more remakes unnecessary.

Gureckis said, "I’m curious to see what (Motive and EA) will do. If they just skip ahead and go to Dead Space 4 that would make a lot of sense. You do a great remake and then move the franchise in the direction of Dead Space 4. People are now on board, right? Because Dead Space is definitely an old game, doing a remake makes sense to refresh everyone’s minds. But I think pushing it forward to Dead Space 4 would be super fun.”

Although that's an interesting idea, especially for those who have been waiting to see the conclusion to Isaac Clarke's story, there are some hints towards the future in the Dead Space remake. Spoilers ahead for Dead Space's alternate ending, but it shows Isaac having been taken over by the Marker, which seems to be hinting at the events of Dead Space 2.

Whatever Motive decides to do next with Dead Space, it seems that we'll be waiting a while to see it, as the studio is currently working on an Iron Man game.

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