Deathloop: How To Unlock The Spice Of Life Trophy

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  • Combat Deaths
  • Falling
  • Drowning
  • Poison Gas
  • Depressurization
  • Ground Up
  • Rocket Man
  • Total Annihilation

Deathloop presents plenty of creative ways to dispatch your enemies. A skilled player knows all the tricks for finishing off their targets anywhere and at any time. Of course, there is plenty of danger in the game as well, and you might find yourself stuck with a toe tag instead.

Unlocking the 'The Spice of Life' trophy requires Colt to die in every possible way he can. Botch enough assassination attempts and you might unlock this trophy naturally, but you'll have a much easier time getting it if you know how to seek out all the available demises Deathloop has to offer. Read on to see if you've missed any!

Combat Deaths

Chances are you've experienced these deaths at least once already during your time with Deathloop. All it takes is to be killed by an enemy with the appropriate weapon. Pick a fight with a correctly-armed enemy and let your opponent win.

The trophy requires that Colt die at least once from:

  • Stab wound
  • An explosive
  • A gunshot

So make sure you've done all three. Blowing yourself up with your own grenade or stepping on a mine counts as death by explosive, so you can satisfy that requirement without any outside help.


This is another death you might have had in the course of normal play. Fall from a high enough altitude, and it's back to the loading screen for you. If you haven't yet had any gravity-induced fatalities, just find the highest point you can and jump off.


As it turns out, Colt continues the longstanding tradition among video game protagonists of not being able to swim. All that heavy gear probably doesn't do him any favors either. Entering any body of water deep enough to submerge him completely will do him in. The game takes place on an island, so walk far enough in a given direction and you're bound to find some water eventually; take a dip and make your way to the proverbial other shores.

Poison Gas

There's plenty of poison gas throughout the game but the locale with the most is Harriet's lair at Hangar 2 in Karl's Bay. The toxic fumes are bright green, so they're hard to miss. As long as you're standing in the gas Colt's health will degrade. Once it hits zero you'll have another death checked off for 'The Spice Of Life'. Be sure you don't have the Steel Lungs equipped, as they make Colt immune to the effects of poison gas.


Now that all the incidental deaths are out of the way, you can focus on the more spectacular ways of punching your ticket. In the Complex, Dr. Wenjie's lab has a security system that will vent the area if it detects an intruder. Colt is certainly an intruder, so all you need to do is trigger an alarm by setting off a sensor or being spotted by a camera. Once the alarms go off, don't try to escape and your doom will be imminent. You can also use the Depressurization Code to vent the entire lab and remain until the sequence is complete.

Ground Up

In Aleksis' Mansion, there is an industrial meat grinder under the stage. Ostensibly it's one of the ways Colt can eliminate his targets here, but for the purposes of this trophy, it's another opportunity to make Colt a ghost. During the 'Devouring of the Lambs' mission, climb into the scaffolding stage right and find a red button. Pressing it opens a trapdoor on the stage that leads to the grinder. Instead of sending your mark to their final destination, run over yourself and hop in. This also means you don't have to bother with identifying Aleksis on this visit since the real target is yourself.

Rocket Man

While you're infiltrating Charlie's hideout in the 'Space Invader' mission, you'll find a large rocket awaiting launch near the top. Scattered throughout the building are the batteries needed to power the launcher. Once you've gathered the batteries and inserted them into the socket, find and hack 2-BIT. Ask him to begin the ignition sequence. As with the meat grinder, this is normally where you would eliminate your target; instead, run to the rocket and let yourself be incinerated by the exhaust.

Total Annihilation

Fia's lair on Fristad Rock is powered by a nuclear reactor. The final and most spectacular death required to unlock 'The Spice Of Life' is achieved by getting it to overload and being caught in the resulting catastrophe. This is actually much easier than it sounds – all you need to do is reach the bunker's main hub and trigger an alarm. This causes Fia to start the overload sequence. As with the depressurization death, simply let the timer run out and get ready for a firsthand lesson in atomic fission.

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