Deathloop Voice Actors Hint That A Sequel Or Expansion Is In The Works

Deathloop is definitely one of the better games in recent memory, having made it into multiple game of the year lists in 2021 and even taking a few awards for game and art direction at The Game Awards. We know Arkane is a big enough studio to be working on more than just Redfall, and now we might have just received our first hint at a Deathloop expansion in development courtesy of Colt's voice actor.

In an interview with Streamily, Jason Kelley (Colt) and Ozioma Akagha (Julianna) were signing autographs live and recounting Deathloop's interview process. When asked what codenames Arkane used for Deathloop, Kelley said he couldn't say because those codenames are still in use.

"I can't say them because they're still sometimes hiring us under the code names," said Kelley, who immediately realized he might have just broken an NDA. "Did I just say something I shouldn't have said?"

Akagha perhaps smartly remained mum on the whole issue. "I can tell you nothing," she added. "They don't tell me anything because I don't know how to shut up. I don't know anything about anything."

Fans over on the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit think that this admission is a concrete sign that Deathloop DLC or even a full-on sequel is in development. This wouldn't be unheard of for Arkane, which has previously produced both for Dishonored and Prey, the studio's biggest successes.

However, there's a big question on how an expansion or DLC will be able to add to Deathloop's story. One Reddit user notes the game's core mechanic makes it difficult to provide an epilogue or a sequel without removing what makes the game unique while continuing the loop makes it hard to have any meaningful narrative progression.

But if anyone can figure out how to do a Deathloop sequel, it’s Arkane. We’ll just have to wait for either an official announcement or for Kelley to slip up in another interview for more info.

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