Deleted Samus Monologue From Metroid Prime Resurfaces Online

Metroid Prime’s deleted monologue preceding the events of the game has reappeared online.

In 2002, Nintendo released Metroid Prime, one of the company’s most acclaimed titles. Like Super Mario 64, Metroid Prime brought its franchise into the third dimension with fully explorable lands. The game put players behind the visor of Samus as she traversed an alien-infested world.

Metroid Prime spawned a successful trilogy, with a fourth game coming at some point. Metroid Prime 3 was the first game in the series to have voice acting. Although Samus herself didn’t speak, other characters were voiced. Metroid: Other M was the first game to have Samus fully voiced, although that was met with decidedly mixed reception.

The unused monologue for the beginning of Metroid Prime has resurfaced online. Shared by TrailerGO, the narration recounts the events of Metroid: Zero Mission.

According to Metroid fansite Shinesparkers, it was none other than legendary voice actress Jennifer Hale that voiced the deleted monologue. Hale gave Samus her grunts and heavy breathing throughout the Metroid Prime trilogy.

The monologue is certainly good, and could have worked as an intro. At the same time, Samus silently arriving on the Frigate Orpheon made for an ominous beginning, which really worked in the game’s favor. This deleted narration gives us a small taste of what Hale might be like as a fully voiced Samus. Should she return to Metroid Prime 4, we’d love to hear more of the iconic actress.

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