Deliver Us Mars: Chapter Three Walkthrough

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By the beginning of the third chapter in Deliver Us Mars, the Zephyr-3 is in rough shape and Kat has already had a close call. In orbit over Mars, Opera Team enters the abandoned ARK Labos to study its technology and find out what happened to Outward's personnel.

Most of this chapter consists of environmental puzzles – restoring power to the massive ship is no easy task, after all. If you find yourself getting turned around in the ARK's winding tunnels, or can't quite piece together how to get the systems back online, this guide has everything you need to know.

How To Board ARK Labos

Your first task in Chapter Three is to guide Ryan and Sarah as they board the Outward ARK vessel orbiting Mars. On Claire’s command, press the bottom button to the right of the viewscreen to begin the procedure. You’ll be shifted to a first-person view of the docking mechanism.

Using the same controls as your zero-G movement, maneuver the reticule so that it’s over the circular area at the center of the ARK. Your reticule will turn blue when it’s properly aligned. Remember that you’re in space, so any acceleration will continue until you move in the opposite direction!

The best way to do this sequence is to line yourself up with the target without moving backward or forward, then slowly accelerate toward the target when you’re correctly aligned. Keep an eye on the velocity meter on the right. If it’s red, you’re moving too fast and will crash when you reach the ARK. If that’s the case, use a reverse thrust to slow down until the meter is blue.

As you get closer, you’ll need to make more adjustments to stay on target. Take it slow – you’ve got all the time in the world.

Once you’ve docked, head to the airlock and cross into the ARK ship. As Sarah says, it’s like a maze inside. At first, there will be only one path to take; turn right when AYLA joins you. Continue along the path until you reach the cryopod chamber, then follow AYLA upward.

About halfway up, you’ll find your first Hologram. Holograms are decrypted by moving AYLA through the nearby area until she’s in the correct position. Watch each of the yellow tabs around the hologram icon as you move; each one will move closer to or further from the center as you move.

Each tab is associated with a single movement axis – X, Y, or Z. The easiest way to decrypt the hologram is to move directly up and down, forward and backward, or left and right until one of the tabs is in place, then pick a new direction to set another tab. When all three are set, the hologram will activate.

How To Reach The ARK Labos Bridge

Once the cutscene ends, continue upward and through the door at the top of the chamber. Turn right when you reach a dead end, at about the same time Ryan calls in with information about the vessel’s solar panel technology.

You’ll pass through a winding route that takes you through the ship’s fitness center, until you come to a locked door and several MPT receivers. Use the laser emitter in the middle of the room to activate the nearest receiver, opening the door.

Pass through to the next room and look for a locked panel just on the other side of the door. Cut it open with your laser, then aim the emitter inside at the receiver that’s already being powered. This will keep the door open while you reposition the first emitter.

Return to the first emitter and fire it through the window to the receiver in the other room. This will move the mechanical arm at the end of the corridor out of the way. Finally, go back through the door and use the second emitter to power the newly-revealed receiver next to the airlock.

Inside the airlock, you’ll find the entrance to the bridge. Press the blue button to cycle the lock and enter.

How To Restore Power To ARK Labos

When you reach the bridge, your objective is to determine what happened to the crew. Turn left upon entering the room and inspect the security door, then go back to the main terminal (in front of the red hologram table) and interact with it. Sarah will open the door behind you, on the opposite side from the security door.

At the end of the corridor, you’ll find the ARK’s main power system. It’s composed of several MPT receivers which must be activated in the correct order. Note the plates next to each receiver; the number of dots indicates the order of activation.

Look for a chamber directly across from the receiver with one dot – you’ll find a pair of MPT emitters. Use one of them to activate the first receiver. The second receiver, however, can’t be hit from here.

Switch to AYLA and hack the panel behind the MPT emitters, opening the nearby door. Return to Kat and cut through the locks on the other side; you’ll be faced with a debris field. There are several batteries floating around, creating dangerous discharges. Cut them in half from as far away as possible to destroy them, making it safe to pass through.

When you make it to the other side of the chamber, you’ll find another door that can be opened by AYLA. Do so, and you’ll be able to use the nearby MPT emitters to power receivers number two and three.

Across from the locking mechanism is a hole that AYLA can pass through. Do so, using your flashlight to make it through the tunnel, and hack the panel on the other side. This will open the door to the next set of emitters, which Kat can use to activate receivers four and five.

Look for an airlock on the other side of the room, and go through it to find more MPT emitters. Cut the clamps on the door back to the power array, then activate receivers six and seven. Finally, return to the first set of emitters and activate the eighth and final receiver.

When the power relay is fully restored, go back to the bridge and access the main terminal. When it finishes loading, go to the cockpit at the front of the bridge and use the console to check the MPT system.

How To Safely Land The Escape Pod On Mars

Back on Zephyr-3, there will be a short cutscene, then you’ll need to perform an emergency procedure from the cockpit. Use the four pink switches underneath the viewscreen; move them so that they’re in the highlighted area. Each will turn blue when it’s correctly placed. When all four are ready, press the button to the left.

Next, use the lower-left dial to enter the numbers shown on the screen, in order; ten, twenty-five, sixty, and forty, pressing the button and rotating the top dial once between each entry.

After entering the numbers, turn to the panel on your left. Pull the large slider downward, then press the switches for both AYLA and ALEX to undock them. Complete the process by pulling the lever on the right.

Get to the escape pod at the rear of the ship; if you get lost in the docking bay, look for Sarah and Ryan; your pod is across from theirs.

Once you’re in the escape pod, you’ll need to safely direct it to Mars’ surface. Start by using the flight stick near Kat’s right hand to stabilize the pod’s descent. Move the cursor on the viewscreen so that it’s settled over the icon in the center. You’ll need to reverse thrust to get it to stay once it’s in position.

When you enter Mars’ atmosphere, you’ll be prompted to deploy the pod’s parachute. Move the slider to the left of the viewscreen all the way down, then pull the lever above the viewscreen.

Watch the viewscreen until the indicator turns red. At that point, press the bottom-right button on the panel below, then hit the large button underneath. Finally, pull the large lever on the right armrest.

After a cutscene, you’ll find yourself on the surface of Mars. Walk directly forward, toward the gap in the cliffs ahead. Running is disabled at this point, but Kat will pick up the pace on her own when you’re about halfway to your goal. Continue through the gap to complete the chapter.

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