Dellor’s Permanent Twitch Ban Has Been Lifted

With a permanent ban on Twitch suddenly rescinded, Dellor’s redemption arc has finally been completed. Many came to know the infamous streamer for his combination of high-level gameplay and explosive emotional outbursts. When things didn’t go Dellor’s way, his viewers could be sure to witness some type of crazy reaction. Otherwise, they found plenty of entertainment in his impressive gaming talent.

The streamer was permanently banned on Twitch one year ago, a controversial decision at the time. Although Dellor was quite distraught over the ban, the dust settled and he attempted to reform. He shuffled to YouTube where he received a solid amount of support, but there’s nothing like being on Twitch.

In fact, since he tweeted out just 1.5 hours ago, Dellor has gained another 120,000 followers – an absolutely colossal spike in growth. This is particularly impressive, as some users (including myself), were unable to find his channel by using the traditional search bar. Instead, manually typing in his channel’s address yielded the unbanned channel. Many theorize that Dellor is still “shadowbanned” for the time being.

Needless to say, the streamer is over the moon with excitement regarding the unexpected restoration. Calling back to almost exactly a year ago to this day, Dellor was permanently banned from the platform for breaking a keyboard over his head, among a previously shaky track record. Due to Twitch’s policy on self-harm, it was the last straw back in 2019.

Dellor was extremely upset over the ban, quickly expressing regret for his actions and even worrying his fans to an extent. He did well to bounce back, however, partaking in a test YouTube stream a few days later to a large turnout. Dellor is one of those streamers who seems like they’ve been in the industry since day one, and despite his flaws, still retains a large base of support from fans. It will certainly be intriguing to see exactly how many will show up to Dellor’s inevitable return to streaming on Twitch.

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