Destiny 2 Beyond Light: What Are Penguin Souvenirs (And Where To Find All Of Them)

Destiny 2: Beyond Light has brought a myriad of secrets for Guardians to uncover on Europa. Similar to the Dreaming City and the Moon, Europa has a few collectibles for players to chase that are tied to certain cosmetics.

In Europa’s case, Penguin Souvenirs can be found to unlock a unique Shader and contribute towards unlocking the Splinterer title. Finding all nine of these penguins can be quite the task considering how large Europa is. For those willing to delve into the deepest areas in Europa, here is a complete guide to finding all nine Penguin Souvenirs in Destiny 2.

What Are Penguin Souvenirs?

Penguin Souvenirs are hidden collectibles scattered throughout Europa. These are in a similar vein to the Dreaming City cats and the Moon’s Daito Rabbits. Unlike those two collectibles, Penguin Souvenirs require no weekly currency to claim them. Players simply need to find them and, rarely, complete some sort of challenge or puzzle.

Once you have found a Penguin Souvenir and claimed it, you can redeem them at Charon’s Crossing in the room behind Variks. There are nine in total to collect, all of which can be earned in one play session without any time gating now that all nine have been released. Collecting all nine of them will grant a unique Shader, Shattered Sky, and count towards the Splinterer title. Let’s go over where you can find all nine of these toys.

Penguin Location #1: Cadmus Ridge

From Charon’s Crossing, make your way towards Cadmus Ridge. When you reach the area proper, head right to find a small cave occupied by a Vex Wyvern miniboss along with a few Harpies. Destroy all of the enemies to remove a Vex gate in the cave, allowing you to grab a Penguin Souvenir for your collection.

Penguin Location #2: BrayTech Exoscience

Finding the second Penguin Souvenir is mostly straightforward. From Cadmus Ridge, head west towards Braytech Exoscience. In the main lobby, head to the door furthest on the left of the room and follow the linear path. Once you reach an icy hallway, run to the end of it, and kill every enemy nearby. After a few waves of Fallen have been cleared out, a Penguin Souvenir will have its energy shield dissipate on an operating table. Grab it, then proceed towards Eternity for the next toy.

Penguin Location #3: Eternity

Continue down the linear path in BrayTech Exoscience until you reach Eternity. If you did not follow the previous entry, Eternity is located by following the linear path from the far left door in the main Exoscience lobby.

Once you reach the bright red room that denotes the start of Eternity, follow the narrow corridor on your right to drop down a floor, revealing a massive room filled with server towers. Once again, head through the door at the end of this arena to follow yet another linear path until you reach an icy room with a circular set of servers in the center of the room. For clarity, the room looks like this:

To your left is a set of stairs that has a unique enemy named “Drake, Charge Courier.” Kill Drake to obtain an orb you can carry. You’ll need to escort this orb to the end of the jumping section just outside the Technocrat’s boss arena. A deposit station will be waiting on one of the platforms.

This is what the deposit station looks like:

Once the station has a charge, a Penguin Souvenir will spawn on the box to your left. Make sure to grab it before leaving Eternity.

Penguin Location #4: Asterion Abyss

Asterion Abyss has a Penguin Souvenir on an overlook in the western quadrant of the zone, located left of the Lost Sector symbol when viewed from the map.

Reaching this overlook will require you to climb up the Vex structure furthest west in Asterion Abyss. When viewed from the map, it’s the small square at the bottom left of the Lost Sector symbol. Head to the north end of the structure to find a small set of platforms. Climb on them to reach the overlook. If you find two Vex Goblins here, you’re in the right place. The Penguin Souvenir is at the end of the path.

Penguin Location #5: Nexus

Travel to the Asterion Abyss and head down to Nexus, the zone that starts the Glassway strike. Inside this area are four Oracles that must be destroyed to spawn a Penguin Souvenir. One is found above the Vex triangle overlooking the room, the second is found under the icy platform to your right, the third is to the right of the Vex triangle, and the fourth is past the alcove found under the right side of the Vex triangle structure.

Here are images that denote each Oracle location:

Oracle #1

Oracle #2

Oracle #3

Oracle #4

Destroying the fourth Oracle will spawn a Penguin Souvenir directly under it. Claim the penguin before delivering further into the Well of Infinitude.

Penguin Location #6: Well Of Infinitude

The right path of Nexus leads to the Well of Infinitude, a zone filled with Radiolarian fluid and plenty of Fallen and Vex to shoot. When you reach a room that has a pool of Radiolarian Fluid or Vex “milk” below a set of diagonal Vex pillars, head around the back left corner and defeat the Hydra there.

A ramp at the end of the room will lead downward. Instead of heading down the ramp, head left to find a small Vex forcefield holding a penguin captive. Hold the interact key to remove the field, then take the penguin toy for your collection.

Penguin Location #7: Eventide Ruins

Grabbing this next Penguin Souvenir will require a Scorch Cannon. You can obtain one by defeating the Fallen Captain that roams near the gravity lift at the top left portion of the Eventide Ruins.

With a Scorch Cannon in hand, make your way to the building that houses the Bunker E15 Lost Sector. Head to the stairs directly across from the Lost Sector entrance that faces north. There will be an ice cube beside the stairs. Shoot this ice cube with your Scorch Cannon to reveal a Penguin Souvenir.

Penguin Location #8: Riis-Reborn Approach

Take the gravity lift from Eventide Ruins to reach Riis-Reborn Approach. Follow the path until you reach a room with a raised door on your left and a door in the back right of the room that leads to a gravity lift. Head to that back right door but don’t go through it. An invisible Fallen Marauder will be residing in the corner of this room. Killing him will spawn the penguin on his body.

Penguin Location #9: Kell’s Rising

Kell’s Rising can be reached by heading up the gravity lift mentioned in the previous entry. Head up the stairs, go through the portal, and continue down the path until the zone name appears on your screen.

Enter the building at the end of the snowy platform and pass the red corridor to enter a rather large arena. Head to your right until you see the “Drake, Stasis Sniper” enemy. Killing this enemy will spawn a Penguin Souvenir behind a set of Fallen boxes in the corner of where Drake spawns. Jump behind the boxes to find the toy.

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