Destiny 2 Devs Confirm Weapons Of Light Getting Nerf In Witch Queen

Void 3.0 is almost here courtesy of Destiny 2's upcoming Witch Queen expansion. While we're most excited for the upcoming changes, there were a few questions fans had about what might happen to their favorite abilities with the Void refresh.

To answer those questions, Destiny 2 sandbox lead Kevin Yanes and designer Samuel Dunn sat with various Destiny content creators on the Destiny Community Podcast. Fielding questions for an hour and a half, we got a much better sense of how Void 3.0 will differ from the current Void subclasses.

Perhaps the biggest changes will affect Titan's Ward of Dawn, more affectionately referred to as the "Titan Bubble." We found out that that Bubble will be its own super and be faster to cast in Witch Queen in last week's Void 3.0 update, but Yanes confirmed that it's also getting a damage nerf. The Weapons of Light buff will soon grant 25% extra damage rather than 35%, putting it on par with Warlock's Well of Radiance.

Another big change is the total removal of Heart of the Pack, the damage-stacking buff which is enjoyed by bottom-tree Void Hunters. Combined with Omnioculus, this melee-ability granted defensive invisibility and stacking offensive damage buff, but Yanes said that Heart of the Pack just "didn't make sense" with the Void 3.0 conversion.

Both Dunn and Yanes noted the various weaken effects will hopefully make up for the damage nerfs to both Titans and Hunters in Void 3.0.

Several Reddit posts provide a full run-down of changes revealed in the podcast, including the number of Fragments coming in Witch Queen and changes to Super Tiers. Dawnblade is moving to tier one, while Bubble is moving to the fastest cooldown at tier five.

There's one more week before Witch Queen, so be sure to prepare yourself for Savathun's arrival on February 22.

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