Destiny 2: How To Earn The Unbroken Title

Unbroken is one of Destiny 2’s toughest titles to earn, requiring players to hone their skills in the Crucible in both casual and competitive game modes. Since this is a PvP-focused title, many players never consider earning it due to their preference towards PvE or Gambit.

While that’s understandable, chasing the Unbroken title can prove to be a satisfying endeavor for burnt-out PvE players or PvP players yearning to improve their skills. Even with the drastic changes Beyond Light made to the Crucible meta, there is still a deep, engaging gameplay ecosystem for players to understand and master. For those looking to improve their PvP skills, complete these ten Triumphs to obtain Destiny 2’s Unbroken title.

Forever Valorous

Forever Valorous: Earn ten Valor ranks across all seasons.

Earning Valor ranks is a simple process in Destiny 2. Nearly every playlist in the Crucible grants Valor when completed, so this rank will always increase so long as you’re playing PvP. Earning ten ranks is a quick process if you follow these tips:

  1. Complete daily bounties. They grant +15 Valor each.
  2. Create and maintain a Win Streak. These grant additional Valor for winning consecutive matches.
  3. Play during double or triple Valor weeks.

As long as you follow the three tips listed above, you should be able to complete this Triumph in a few days of continuous play or within a season of casual play.

Legendary Valor

Legendary Valor: Achieve a Valor rank of “Legend” in any season.

Legend is the highest Valor rank in Destiny 2. Reaching Legend rank requires you to obtain 1,800 Valor. Since you can’t lose Valor in any way, this is simply a time commitment Triumph. Keep in mind that your Valor rank resets whenever a new season releases, so you must obtain a Legend rank in one season to earn this Triumph.

Complete any daily bounties Lord Shaxx has to increase your Valor rank. Additionally, consider finding a fireteam to play Crucible games with. This will make achieving a Win Streak much easier, drastically increasing the amount of Valor you earn from every game. Stay persistent, and this Triumph should be achievable for virtually every type of player.


Prestigious: Reest your Valor rank three times across all seasons.

Once you achieve a Valor rank of 2,000, you will be given the ability to reset your Valor rank. This will set your rank to Guardian I once again and drop your Valor to zero.

To obtain Prestigious, you must do this three times throughout your Destiny account. This can be done over multiple seasons. Achieving three Valor resets in one season is possible, so long as you can maintain a Win Streak whenever you participate in Crucible matches. If your skills are good enough, consider farming the Rumble playlist to reset your Valor. As long as you land in the top three, your Win Streak is preserved. Earning first place will increase your Win Streak by one, per usual.

Right Back At It Again

Right Back at It Again: Reset your Valor rank five times within a single season.

Five Valor resets is a tall order for some players. This will require you to earn 10,000 Valor across three months. Thankfully, this is much less daunting than it sounds if you start farming for this Triumph early enough.

Even if you’re terrible at Crucible, it is possible to reset your Valor five times by just completing bounties. Complete as many daily Shaxx bounties as you can throughout a season. Each bounty grants 15 Valor, meaning you can earn a passive 60 Valor every day by completing bounties. If you have three characters, you can earn 180 Valor every day. Assuming you did this over the course of an entire season, which usually lasts around 70 days, you would earn 4,200 Valor. If you do this on all three characters, you will earn 12,600 Valor, which is enough to complete this Triumph. This is also a fantastic way to earn XP.

If you’re a good Destiny 2 Crucible player, you can achieve five Valor resets in just a few weeks. Maintaining a Valor Win Streak of five will grant +20 Valor to every game you complete, tripling your early-rank progression and doubling your late-rank progression. Couple this with increased Valor weeks to complete this Triumph in just a few weeks.

Unbroken Valor

Unbroken Valor: Earn the maximum Valor Win Streak bonus in any season.

Valor Win Streaks cap out at five consecutive wins, meaning you must win five games back-to-back to earn the Unbroken Valor Triumph. This can be tricky if you don’t have a fireteam to play Crucible with. Of course, the easiest way to complete this Triumph is to get a fireteam together.

Should you lack a clan, hop into the Rumble playlist. Completing a Rumble game in first, second, or third place will maintain your Win Streak. Achieving first place will increase your Win Streak by one. While reaching first place in Rumble can be tricky, reaching the top three spot is achievable for most players. As long as you periodically achieve first place and don’t drop below third, this Triumph should be easy to achieve for most players.

Fight For Glory

Fight for Glory: Earn five Glory ranks across all seasons.

Glory is a ranking system tied to the Competitive Crucible playlist, which rotates weekly between Elimination and Survival. Note that Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner are not Glory-enabled playlists.

You must increase your Glory rank five times to earn this Triumph. This can be done across multiple seasons. Glory matches are much more stressful than Valor game types, as you lose Glory whenever you lose a game. These matches are also 3v3 instead of 6v6, further adding pressure to your team to do well.

There isn’t much advice that can be given here besides improving your skills. Glory playlists utilize Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM, for short), so you are always going to be faced against players of a similar or higher skill level. Do your best to play with your team, picking off enemies together to gain the upper hand. If you can’t get a fireteam together for these matches, jump into the Freelance playlist. This playlist consists of all solo players, evening the playing field for both teams.

Fabled Warrior

Fabled Warrior: Earn three weapon rewards from the “Fabled” Glory rank in multiple seasons.

Before Beyond Light was released, most pinnacle Crucible weapons had to be earned through questlines. Now, players can simply buy these weapons from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower for the cost of an Ascendant Shard and some planetary materials. These weapons can be found under the “Legacy Gear” tab in the Kiosk menu.

To earn this Triumph, you must purchase three of the following weapons:

  1. The Recluse
  2. The Mountaintop
  3. Luna’s Howl
  4. Revoker

Become Legend

Become Legend: Achieve a Glory rank of “Legend” in any season.

Similar to Valor ranks, the highest Glory rank you can achieve is Legend. This requires a score of 5,450. Unlike Glory, you lose Glory points every time you lose alongside a reduction in your Win Streak by two. Since Glory playlists use Skill-Based Matchmaking, maintaining a Win Streak is even harder than normal.

It is highly recommended to find a fireteam of like-minded Guardians to play Competitive with. While you can queue for the Freelance playlist that only pits solo players against each other, coordination is a core component of winning matches at higher ranks. Additionally, consider taking a break whenever you lose a game. Losing a match can make anyone angry, which can have a negative impact on future games. Whenever you become stressed or angry, take a break. Persistence and patience are all you need to get this Triumph.

A Glorious Legend

A Glorious Legend: Achieve a Glory rank of “Legend” across three seasons.

A Glorious Legend requires you to reach a Glory rank of Legend in three seasons. If this sounds daunting, that’s because it is; A Glorious Legend is by far the hardest Triumph associated with Unbroken.

This simply boils down to improving your skills in the Crucible and finding a good team to play Competitive Crucible with. Focus on obtaining the Become Legend Triumph first before tackling this one. If you can reach Legend in one season, you can do it again in the next two seasons.

Unstoppable Glory

Unstoppable Glory: Win five consecutive matches in any season.

Unstoppable Glory is virtually identical to the Unbroken Valor Triumph, requiring five consecutive wins to obtain. Unlike that Triumph, you can earn Unstoppable Glory by completing Glory matches.

Sadly, you won’t be able to grind out Rumble games to get this Triumph unless you can best an entire lobby of Guardians, in which case you likely don’t need advice for this Triumph anyway. Find a team to play Crucible with, then complete any PvP content with them. This Triumph shouldn’t take more than a handful of tries to earn.

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