Destiny 2 Leaker Says Next Season Will Have Vex Focus And New Linear Fusion Rifle Exotic

Normally we wouldn’t report on 4chan leaks, but this one sounds pretty believable if you’ve been keeping up with Destiny 2 at all, and there’s at least a bit of evidence supporting a few of these claims.

Starting with the overall theme. According to the anonymous 4chan leaker (by way of Reddit), Destiny 2’s next season will be called Season of the Collectives and will be a Vex-focused season. The seasonal story will center around A Vex Mind called Cronus, who has figured out how to use Darkness powers just like Eramis did in Beyond Light. Cronus then puts out a call to all Vex throughout time to come get their new Darkness Splinters, causing both Descendant and Precursor Vex to start pouring into the Moon and EDZ.

To beat them back, Guardians will take part in a new Incursion 3-man matchmade activity. Vex Incursions take place in massive Citadel structures that the Bex use to commune with Cruxes of Darkness and make for a gauntlet-style arena fight.

Three new exotics are supposedly coming in Season of the Collectives, including a few reprised Destiny 1 weapons. Super Good Advice will be part of an Exotic Quest called Santimony that brings back the Corridors of Time from Mercury. The Vex Mythoclast returns as the Vault of Glass Exotic reward.

The seasonal Exotic that comes with the season pass will be a Linear Fusion Rifle called First Tempo. It’ll have two firing modes to either suppress targets or deal damage, with suppressed targets taking extra precision damage. Suppressed enemies that die then spawn a singularity that pulls in nearby enemies and also blinds them.

All of this is entirely unsubstantiated of course, so take it with a hefty grain of salt. However, Bungie did say last week that Linear Fusion rifles are set to receive a big buff in Season 14, and it’s just like Bungie to bring out a fancy new Exotic just as a weapon class is getting a buff.

It’s also just like Bungie to bring out a Vex-themed season when they’ve been pretty much ignored as an enemy type for quite a while. Sure, they featured somewhat in Beyond Light, but only tangentially–they were never really the big threat.

We’ll find out over the next few weeks whether this leak pans out or not. Season of the Collectives (or just Season 14) begins on May 11, with plenty of weeks left for Bungie to make a big reveal.

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