Destiny 2 LFG System Will Let You Rank Other Players

Today’s Destiny 2 showcase wasn’t as full of surprises as Bungie might have hoped thanks to the various leaks that came days before, but one thing that did surprise was a preview of the new Looking for Group (LFG) system that will be coming sometime after the Lightfall expansion arrives in 2023.

Destiny 2 has struggled with getting Guardians to group together for some of the game’s hardest content. Those that want to dive into raids or Grandmaster Nightfalls often resort to Discord, an entirely separate program, in order to find like-minded players. Unfortunately, this often means playing with someone who might not have the right gear, be high enough level, or just lack the fundamental skills necessary to complete these difficult challenges.

The new LFG system aims to solve all that by first letting players see groups looking to add a few more to their ranks for raids and other activities. On top of that, the commendation system will let Guardians rank other players based on their gameplay ability, leadership, and whether or not they were fun to play with.

In addition to the new LFG system, Bungie is also tackling Destiny 2’s loadout problem. As of now, the best possible way of organizing your loot and creating equipment loadouts is Destiny Item Manager, a completely separate app built and maintained by Destiny 2 fans. The new loadout system will let players save loadouts in-game and will even let them manage what mods they place on their guns and armor, too.

Guardian Ranks are another new system coming after Lightfall. An aspirational system, Guardian Ranks will be viewable by other players to let them know just how much of Destiny 2 players have been able to master. A Rank 11 Guardian will be a player that’s touched everything the game has to offer, while a lowly Rank 2-3 might have limited their engagement to just a few of Destiny 2’s varied systems.

Bungie gave no specific time frame for when these new systems will be implemented, but expect them to come after Lightfall arrives next February. Today marks the launch of Season of Plunder where Destiny 2 puts on its best captain’s hat for a pirate adventure.

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