Destiny 2 Players Get Free Month Of GeForce Now After Stadia Shut Down

The shut-down of Stadia hasn't really come as a surprise. Google was initially a little withholding of the platform's streaming formula, but once people learnt that it wasn't the 'Netflix for games', the idea immediately felt less appealing. Add to that Google's notorious habit of starting off projects and abandoning them at the first sign of inconvenience. While, the platform won't be direly missed as such, the few who put in the hours will surely feel short-changed – especially with live service games.

It seems Destiny 2 developer Bungie wants to hold on to the handful of Guardians who have decided to play the game via streaming platforms. While the developer shut down its Stadia servers well over a week ago, the platform itself shuttered barely three days ago. Bungie took the opportunity to try and sway these players onto another video game streaming platform, Nvidia GeForce Now.

As spotted by 9to5Google, all those who've played Destiny 2 on Stadia should have received an email from Bungie saying, "With Stadia shut down, you might be looking for a new place to cloud game. We managed to snag some free codes for Nvidia’s high-performance cloud gaming platform, GeForce Now." Each email also included a unique code, giving the user one month free access to GeForce Now Priority. So, if you were worried that you'd have to switch to a PC or a traditional console, just go through your email. Be warned though, the code will expire by February 19.

Google's video game streaming platform has received more adoration in death than it did in life. Players flocked to Stadia to try and attain the high score on its last ever game, Worm Game. It was a rather simple game, but players probably did so in honour of what the platform could have been.

Two heartwarming stories came from Stadia's version of Red Dead Online. One player with over 6,000 hours clocked in the game received a special gift from Rockstar Games for their dedication. Another player said goodbye to the game and the platform by releasing a horse named after their late daughter.

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