Destiny 2: The 5 Best Activities To Farm Gear (& 5 Things That Aren’t Worth It)

As a looter shooter, Destiny 2 thrives off of having unique weapons and armor to chase. Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion shook this foundation up massively by incorporating item and content sunsetting into the game, effectively removing aspects of the game while adding expiration dates to all non-Exotic gear.

Because of this change, a lot of activities have become redundant or outright removed. There are still quite a few good activities to farm though. Beyond Light introduced some new activities that have filled this void somewhat. Here are the five best and worst activities for farming gear in Destiny 2.

10 Best: Empire Hunts

Empire Hunts are short missions that have a lot of similarities to Nightfalls. Difficult Empire Hunts add Champions and tough modifiers to the mission. In turn, the mission will grant additional loot such as Enhancement Prisms, high-stat armor, and Europa guns if you grab Variks’ Empire Hunt quests. They might not compete with Nightfalls for earning Masterwork materials, but Empire Hunts offer a solid amount of variety for those that are sick of farming the same Nightfall for a given week.

9 Not Worth It: Wrathborn Hunts

Season of the Hunt introduced Wrathborn Hunts to Destiny 2. Unlike previous horde mode activities, Wrathborn Hunts focus on tracking down a single enemy and killing them in an instanced mission. Completing a mission grants a certain item based on what Lure Mods are slotted into your Cryptolith Lure.

The issue is that Bungie locked these hunts behind a moderate degree of busywork. Not only do Guardians need to farm for Cryptolith Lure upgrades, but they also need to complete arbitrary activities to obtain charges to complete a hunt. Players can only do five hunts sequentially before they need to farm more charges. Charging your lure has different objectives that rotate daily, ranging from getting precision kills to completing Gambit matches. Even your reward options are randomly generated with every hunt. Want to farm a Deafening Whisper? You better hope you get that option after every hunt.

If the time investment and RNG weren’t enough, most of the weapons and armor tied to this activity are subpar when compared to Beyond Light’s offerings — Deafening Whisper and Friction Fire being the main exceptions.

8 Best: Nightfalls

Nightfalls are the definite way of farming Masterwork materials for your weapons and armor. Easier Nightfalls grant Enhancement Cores while harder variants offer Enhancement Prisms, Ascendant Shards, and a high chance of earning an Exotic armor piece. Those that want to min-max their build will want to farm this activity whenever they can.

As for good Legendaries, Nightfalls are not worth running under any circumstance. This activity should be farmed mainly for the Masterwork materials. Master Lost Sectors are better for Exotic farming while raids offer better Legendaries.

7 Not Worth It: Valor Crucible

Valor Crucible includes Control, Rumble, and most casual playlists. These Crucible modes might be fun in their own right, yet their rewards are so poor that most players should play Glory-enabled Crucible instead.

Match completions usually give a few Crucible Tokens, low-stat armor, and so many Rare, blue-quality items that you’ll need to clean out your Postmaster after a few hours of play. Constant Valor rank-up messages don’t help either. You are better off playing Glory matches to earn powerful gear. At least PvP frequently drops Legendary items in the global loot pool.

6 Best: Master Lost Sectors

Beyond Light introduced a difficult variant of Lost Sectors. Only available on Europa and the Cosmodrome, these Lost Sectors have a high chance of dropping Exotic armor in a specific armor slot if you complete them solo. Two of these Lost Sectors have a Legend or Master variant available every day, the latter granting a higher chance at an Exotic.

Target-farming Exotics has never been easier after Bungie added this activity. Guardians that want a perfect roll for their favorite Exotic helmet just need to wait for a difficult variant to appear that offers a helmet. This is by far the easiest way of earning Exotic armor in Destiny 2 currently.

5 Not Worth It: Gambit

Now that most of Gambit’s items have been sunset, the main reason to play this mode is to earn a Crowd Pleaser Grenade Launcher or any world drop.

Farming world drops is much easier to do in other activities such as Crucible. Gambit’s Infamy ranks also take much longer to increase than Crucible’s Valor and Glory ranks. Considering the frustration that can come from a bad Gambit game, there is little reason to farm this activity unless you enjoy the game mode itself.

4 Best: The Deep Stone Crypt

The Deep Stone Crypt raid is one of the most rewarding raids Bungie has released for Destiny 2. Not only are all of the weapons good and armor has high-stat rolls, but this raid also allows players to farm it after their first completion — an anomaly when compared to the one-time drops other raids offer.

Subsequent runs of this raid offer Spoils of Conquest, a currency that can be used to purchase new raid weapons and armor. The end of the raid offers a chest that allows you to purchase new rolls of weapons and armor. If you’re missing a certain item that won’t drop, you can spend a larger sum of Spoils for a chance at obtaining that item. The only raid item you can’t purchase outright is the Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic Rocket Launcher.

3 Not Worth It: Planetary Activities

Planetary activities include public events, standard Lost Sectors, Adventures, Patrol missions, and any planet-exclusive missions such as the Moon’s Altars of Sorrow or the Dreaming City’s Blind Well.

All of these activities offer a small chunk of Glimmer and a few Rares, infrequently rewarding a Legendary world drop. Altars of Sorrow might offer unique guns that are rather potent, but they have all been sunset and can’t be used in harder content.

2 Best: Prophecy

Similar to the Deep Stone Crypt raid, the Prophecy dungeon is the only dungeon in Destiny 2 that can be farmed. Your first completion of an encounter grants an item you have yet to receive. Subsequent encounter completions will offer duplicate items until the next weekly reset, allowing you to farm certain encounters for weapons rolls or high-stat armor.

Nearly every weapon in this dungeon is excellent while armor almost always drops with high stats. Unlike the raid, you can even solo this dungeon if you have the right gear.

1 Not Worth It: Strikes

Strikes are still missing strike-specific loot, a rank-up system like Gambit and Crucible, unique rewards excluding the Xenoclast IV Shotgun, and a general reason to play them outside of milestone completions. Some strikes in Destiny 2 are so long that you’re better off completing Crucible games to earn Legendary world drops. There is no reason to play strikes in Destiny 2 currently.

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