Destiny 2 The Arms Dealer Cheese Allows You To Damage The Boss During Immune Phase

This week’s Grandmaster Nightfall is The Arms Dealer where you venture into a giant Cabal ship and take down Bracus Zahn. This strike was originally added with the release of vanilla Destiny 2 in 2017, and today we’re going to discuss a cheese or exploit which is around two years old as well. This cheese comes in handy if you’re trying to solo The Arms Dealer Grandmaster nightfall this week.

While this cheese is possible with any character, we would recommend using a Dawnblade Warlock with Apotheosis Veil exotic helmet. In order to do this cheese, you need to get the boss into the first or second bubble. This is the immune phase of this boss encounter and you won’t be able to do damage directly to the boss. The first thing you need to do is clear all the ads that spawn after he’s in the bubble.

Next, you’ll find a relic that needs to be dunked in order for the boss to get out of his bubble. But this time, you won’t be dunking in the relic. You will need to drop the relic and activate your super while immediately picking up the relic again. This will cancel your super while giving you your grenade ability back and it will not use your super at all.

So, you will have infinite solar grenades that you would need to hit the boss from under the platform until he’s dead. The Arms Dealer GM nightfall is very easy to solo compared to last week’s The Devil’s Lair strike and it takes a lot less time to speed run as well.

This boss exploit, if done right, will take four minutes (more or less) to completely take down Bracus Zahn’s health. You can watch Cheese Forever’s video in order to fully understand how this cheese works.

Along with that, you can also spawn the boss while you’re still on the lift. Simply climb up the chain before scanning the terminal. This will allow the boss to spawn in once you’re done with the terminal and you’ll get some extra time to DPS him. Beware that he will one-shot you from above. So, stay behind the cover.

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