Destiny 2 Xur location: Where is Xur today? Update for July 22

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Xur is getting ready to drop into Destiny 2 with the vendor moving to a new location to set up shop. Xur will be dropping into Destiny 2 on Friday July 22 around 6pm UK time with the merchant having a new batch of Exotics to sell and tempt Guardians with. Last time around Xur was found at the Tower.

If you’re wondering what Xur had in stock then here’s what became available last week…

Xur stock Destiny 2 July 15: Suros Regime, The Bombardiers, Ashen Wake. Crown of Tempests

Once Xur’s new location for this week is discovered in Destiny 2 then will update this article.

The latest arrival of Xur comes after Bungie pushed out a new Destiny 2 update this week.

Patch 4.15 was released on Tuesday, the same day that the latest Solstice event launched.

If you want to find out what the latest Destiny 2 update brings to the table then here are the patch notes…

Destiny 2: Vow of the Disciple race teased in trailer




Derelict Leviathan

Corrected Power levels on minor combatants associated with the Shared Fears Triumph which were set higher than intended.


Adjusted the balance between armor and weapon rewards, and set weapon drops to prefer those that have not had their Patterns unlocked.

Adjusted the drop chance of Deepsight weapons within the Duality dungeon.

Fixed an issue where players sometime get trapped in the Nightmare.

Splash damage (grenades, Solar explosions, rockets, etc.) against bells no longer triggers a teleport.

Fly-in cinematic has been added when launching into Duality.

Grasp of Avarice

The final boss no longer teleports out of the spawn location at the start of the encounter.



Fixed an issue where Celestial Fire and Well of Radiance did not display the Sscorch and ignition keyword flyouts when hovering over the corresponding abilities.

Fixed an issue where Super icons were not displaying next to the Super description when hovering over your equipped subclass in the character screen.

Fixed an issue where Radiant’s weapon damage boost was unintentionally stacking with tier-1 damage boosts (e.g., Empowering Rift, High Energy Fire) against PvE targets.

Fixed an issue where Solar Grenades with Molten Overload equipped was not stunning Overload Champions.

Fixed an issue where friendly Vortex Grenades could sometimes display a burning status effect display to friendly targets.

Note: We are aware of an issue where Vortex Grenade is dealing lower damage than intended vs. PvE targets and are planning a fix for a later release.


Fixed an issue where Caliban’s Hand behavior was different between PvE and PvP.

Ignition will now proc when defeating enemies by both direct hits and explosions for both PvE and PvP.

This fix introduced a new issue we are investigating where Caliban’s Hand will only apply scorch to a single target.

Fixed an issue where Caliban’s Hand wasn’t working as intended with Radiant and the Knock ’em Down aspect.

Fixed an issue where Solar Fulmination was causing damage to the player inside the blast radius of the ignition.

Fixed an issue where the Righteous Cloak was missing its cape from the feminine model.

This introduced a new issue we are investigating where the dye markup of the cloak was reverted to default.

Fixed an issue where the top part of the Mark of the Falling Star ornament disappeared if a player’s helmet was set to off.

Fixed an issue where the combat mod Heavy Handed did not proc with a Titan Stasis melee.

Fixed an issue where the Omnioculus Hunter Exotic was clipping through the Frumious Cloak.



Reduced airborne penalties for all primary weapons.

Reduced airborne accuracy penalty at low AE by 20%-40% (varies by Primary weapon type).

Reduced airborne auto -aim (bullet bending) penalty at mid and high AE by 20%.

Reduced airborne magnetism (reticle stickiness, controller only) penalty at mid and high AE by 40%.

Some perks now give a static airborne effectiveness stat buff in addition to their other effects.

Air Assault: +10 airborne effectiveness at all times in addition to +60 (for 70 AE total) when at low health.

Extended Mag: +10 airborne effectiveness.

Steady Rounds: +7 airborne effectiveness.


Hand Cannons

Precision (180 RPM)

Increased body shot damage from 37 to 40, crit moves from 57 to 60.

Can now kill in 2 crit 2 body against Guardians, kills in 1.33s in body shots.

Auto Rifles

Increased body shot damage from 19 to 20, precision multiplier moves from 1.6 to 1.5 (crit damage stays the same at 30).

Scout Rifles

Precision (180 RPM)

Increased body damage from 34 to 38, crit moves from 54.4 to 60.8.

Can 2 crit 2 body against 197 HP (health + shields) or lower, kills in 1.33s in body shots against 190 HP or lower, 1.67s against higher resilience.

High Impact (150 RPM)

Increased body damage from 38.2 to 42, crit moves from 66.9 to 73.5.

Can 2 crit 1 body against 189 HP or lower, kills in 1.60s in body shots.


Increased pellet Shotgun PvE damage bonus from 10% to 25%.

Linear Fusion Rifles

Changed the previously added flinch increase to only apply to damage from other players.


Increased ammo per Special brick from 1 to 2 in PvP.


Lorentz Driver

Reduced aim-assist stat from 32 to 22.

Reduced suction against players.

Removed the universal 2x flinch nerf from the previous change.


Primary rocket no longer has proximity detonation.

Wolfpack Rounds now deal half-damage to players.

The Last Word

Reduced hip-fire precision aim angle by 50%.

Reduced damage and aim assist falloff distance by 3m.


Increased ammo per Special brick from 3 to 4 in PvP.

Reduced ammo per Special brick from max to ~16 in PvE.

Eriana’s Vow

Increased ammo per Special brick from 1 to 2 in PvP.

SUROS Regime

Increased AE from 23 to 31.

Whisper of the Worm

Increased AE from 9 to 20.

Monte Carlo

Increased AE from 21 to 29.


Increased AE from 22 to 27.

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