Destruction AllStars: A Guide To Success In Gridfall

Destruction AllStars released this month for free to all PlayStation 5 owners. This destruction derby melds traditional car combat with parkour and traversal, offering a fresh take on the genre. With a handful of modes available at launch, players have several games to test their skills.

One of Destruction AllStars’s unique modes is Gridfall, a battle royale where the last rider standing wins. Players will have to fight in an ever-shrinking arena with a limited number of lives. One mistake will lead to defeat, so check out the following tips to ensure you’re in the winner’s circle at the end of this event.

Take It Slow, Use Your Brakes

Unlike the other modes where wrecking opponents is the main objective, the goal of Gridfall is to survive. The last player standing takes the crown. Be careful not to get absorbed in the intensity of a match. Take each match one step at a time. Others may focus on crushing each other but only hit others if you’re confident you’ll survive an encounter. Brakes are essential here. Don’t be afraid to slam the pedal if you get too close to the ledge.

Use Traversal

As with all modes in Destruction AllStars, players are most effective when they meld traversal and vehicle combat. Spending the entire match in a vehicle is a sure way to get slammed by opponents. Take time to get out of cars and collect gems when the opportunity presents itself. Gems are the quickest way to build Breakers, the game’s most powerful abilities.

Take Advantage Of The High Ground

Apart from using the higher levels of levels to collect gems, players can use these areas to avoid other vehicles. Feel free to skate across the top of the map away from aggressive enemies, letting them pick each other off. There’s no shame in waiting out the competition every so often. Just take care not to stay perched for too long, as other riders will notice and hunt you down.

Watch Your Corner Counter

The top left corner shows how many lives players have and how many enemies remain. Always keep track of this. Dishing out large amounts of damage can grant an extra life. The gear next to the life counter will fill up over time when damaging other combatants. When the meter is filled, players will earn an extra life. Just take care not to be overly aggressive when trying to get an additional life. Aim to pick off weakened vehicles and achieve a few wrecks. Be especially careful when the player count diminishes.

Be Mindful Of Decaying Floors

As time progresses in a Gridfall match, floors will begin to collapse. Look out for glowing yellow outlines, as they indicate where the platforms will fall out. Should players be on a space when it falls, they’ll go down with it. Once floorboards are out, they’ll have glowing red areas to indicate dead space. Be mindful of this when swerving around the stage. Use these spaces to your advantage, knocking enemies into the holes if they get too close.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ditch Your Ride.

With a hectic mode like Gridfall, quick reflexes are key to success. Should brakes not be enough to stop a wreck, eject from a vehicle to get some height and distance from the competition. Vehicles will continuously spawn in the arena, so be ready to ditch one at a moment’s notice. If possible, try to angle your eject in a way that places you in the range of another car so that you can get right back into the action.

Be Careful When Jacking Cars

While jacking cars in other modes is favorable, it’s hazardous in Gridfall. Players can drive you off the edge with them and take you out simultaneously. Only try taking one of these cars when there’s ample space to work with, preferably at the beginning of the game. Towards the end of the game, this will certainly spell disaster for the driver and the rider. Instead of commandeering vehicles, grab fresh cars or abandoned cars in late-game phases.

Use Breakers Early And Often

Breakers are the best way to impede other players outside of vehicles. Use these Hero abilities to stun, wreck, and confuse other drivers. Don’t hoard these power-ups, as they could be what saves you from death. Activate them with R1 and take advantage of the improved movement each character gets in Breaker Mode.

Use Vehicle Maneuverability.

One of the most underutilized features in Destruction AllStars is the handbrake. The handbrake allows cars to drift and perform tight turns that would be impossible otherwise. Making swift maneuvers is the best way to survive the shrinking stage. Outplay opponents with skillful movements to come out on top.

Hero Vehicles Are Your Shield

Like Breakers, Hero Vehicles are one of the best tools to stay alive in Gridfall. These cars have several features that make them superior to the common spawns that litter the map. One such boon is the Vehicle Breaker, which affords drivers a unique ability that can be used to disrupt and confuse enemies.

Take care to use the Vehicle Breakers as soon as possible. They can get some easy KOs in addition to defending their riders. Grab a Hero with a Breaker you’re comfortable using to get the most out of Hero Vehicles. Just remember to ditch the car if things get too dangerous.

Take Advantage Of Vehicle Platforms

Another area that provides a brief respite in between battles is the Vehicle Platforms. Players can stay idle here for a few seconds before they’re launched off into the arena. Don’t be afraid to wait out the timer, as there is no penalty. Be prepared for the aggressive launch off of the platform after hitting the gas, though, as it can be disorienting. The unprepared rider could accidentally send themselves into a pit if they’re not careful.

Try using all these tips together to outpace and outplay the competition and become the Gridfall champion.

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