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There are many ways to gain power in Disgaea 6 – and all of them require grinding in one way or another. Thankfully, Disgaea 6 makes grinding not only easy – but fun. The Item World makes a return in the sixth entry, and if you want endless content with a side serving of infinite power, you will want to use it.

Having a powerful sword, or a mighty trinket can really boost your power in combat, but everything can be made more powerful. That Legendary sword that is giving you tens of thousands of stats? What if we told you we could make it give hundreds of thousands – even millions – instead?

What Is The Item World

The Item World is essentially a unique pocket universe that exists inside of every item in the game. This means every weapon, armour piece, amulet, and even stick of gum houses its own universe. You can go into these universes and kill the inhabitants not to only grow more powerful, but to increase the power of your items.

Each world is procedurally generated, and there are an infinite number of floors. Key enemies and floors will spawn every 10 levels, with Item Gods making an appearance every 100 levels. Getting to these milestones will grant substantial boosts to your item's growth.

What To Level Up?

In the early game, there is very little reason to use the Item World to upgrade your weapons or armour. As powerful as they can get, you will be replacing them frequently due to the constant influx of these items from Stages and even the Shop. Consumables, for the most part, are also a bit of a waste.

Because of this, you want to focus on special items that grant a lot of stats in a lot of areas. By this, we mean items like the Imperial Seal. You can get these as rare drops from the Bonus Gauge, you can steal them from enemies, and you can get them as rewards from the Hospital.

Having an item that already grants a lot of stats in a lot of areas, and then making it more powerful is far more valuable than a weapon that deals slightly more damage.

Stealing Items

One of the earliest classes you will unlock is the Thief. Thieves are mostly terrible. They have bad stats, their weapon proficiency is awful, and their growths are equally as bad. The Thief is one of the most important characters in the game, however, and has been since Disgaea 1. Why? They can steal items – and they can do it better than anyone else.

This is useful in regular Stages as enemies could have a rare item or a powerful trinket on them that is well worth the swipe. This is made even better in the Item World. Item Generals and Item Gods always have powerful equipment on them. You want to steal this stuff every single time. The items will grant you more power in the long run, and you can even dive into those items you took from God to make them more powerful by using the Item World…to find more Gods to steal from…to make their items more powerful…by stealing from their Gods…you get the point.

Always Bring An Escape

The most important thing to remember is that when you traverse the Item World, it’s hard to leave. You either have to wait until you reach a milestone (every 10 levels), or you lose. That’s it. The last thing you want to do is go wandering into the infinite void and then lose your progress because you died.

For this reason alone, make sure you always have a Mr Gency’s Exit on hand. These let you leave at any time, and you can hop back in later to pick up from where you left off. You can spend a lot of time in Item World – so go in prepared.

Don’t Forget To Bring Healers

Unlike regular Stages, completing a Floor in the Item World does not restore your HP. This is a big deal because eventually, you will be ground down. There are several ways to deal with this – but the most obvious is to just bring a healer.

A healer can top up your units and keep them fighting for much longer. You can also use all those healing items you’ve gathered from your travels, but just having a powerful Heretic wandering around lets you do that without having to waste turns eating candy.

Mystery Floors

There are a lot of unique aspects to Item World. There are enemies and NPCs you simply don’t find anywhere else. These all play a role within the Item you are in – but Mystery Floors are arguably the most interesting. Every now and then, you will find an alternate exit to a Floor.

Going into this portal will take you somewhere random. This could be a powerful merchant, or a difficult combat encounter – who knows. These are almost always worth taking – especially if you have an emergency Mr Gency’s Exit on hand.

Item World Research

The final way you can interact with the item world is by sending spare characters off on automated expeditions into items. This lets you passively level up your equipment without having to manually do the work. The speed at which you do this depends on the size and power of the squad you send.

Stronger characters can make short work of Item World Research missions, and they’ll even level up whilst they are there. It’s a win-win. Have as many teams as you can send on missions to make the most of this feature.

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