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With more than 70 heroes (or "espers") to collect and choose from, Dislyte can feel daunting when you begin. And when you’re getting limited resources with which to grow those characters, you don’t want to be spending them on espers that simply don’t cut it.

Below we break down the 50 most important espers in Dislyte, both good and bad. We’ll explain what we mean within the tier descriptions, noting the good and bad qualities that determine an esper's spot. View this tier-list as a guideline to put you on a strong path, rather than an exact science. Ultimately, you should lay the game you want to play.

"SS" Tier Espers

The cream of the crop, these espers are generally considered overpowered and are useful in almost every situation. If you get hold of them, start working on getting them into your squad straight away.

Gabrielle: On the plus side, Gabrielle is available to everyone, and you don’t have to "spin" for her. But on the downside, you can only get her via Esper Fusion – which means you’re likely to be level 35-40 before you can get her. But once you do, Gabrielle is a powerhouse, dealing strong damage while both buffing allies and debuffing enemies.

Sally: Generally considered the strongest healer in Dislyte, Sally backs up her healing strength by dispelling negative effects from allies and reducing the strength of incoming attacks. As with Gabrielle, she gets a solid main role with a lot of support bolted on for good measure.

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Lin Xiao: If you’re looking for DPS, check out Lin Xiao. Her "Tiger Roar" buff gives her 100% a crit rate for three turns – and better still it can’t be blocked. Her attacks also debuff enemies in multiple ways, making Lin Xiao the go-to damage dealer in almost every battle format of Dislyte.

"S" Tier Espers

You get to put five espers in your squad, and different challenges call for different combinations. But whatever the challenge, you’ll want some "S" tier espers in your squad if you can get them.

  • Clara: A strong healer if you’re up against a foe strong on debuffs. Her heals remove up to two debuffs from allies or grants them immunity from them – while excess healing becomes a shield. Making Clara a healer that’s working for your team even if you’re at full strength.
  • Li Ling: If you’re lucky, you may get Li Ling as your first "legendary" esper early in the game. He is very much a blunt instrument, being able to deal massive DPS to both single and multiple targets. While his "Tai Chi" attack takes a percentage of the target’s health, making him very strong against bosses.
  • Lucas: You get Lucas as a reward for completing level 100 of spatial Tower. His abilities are on slow timers, so it’s best to support him with espers who can change that (such as Tiye). But when they do activate, you’ll be stunning and debuffing the entire enemy line-up.
  • Narmer: Another powerful DPS esper, especially versus squads or enemies built around a strong DEF. Narmer is a strong nuker, made more so if you can stack "Burning Sun" buffs on him. These let a percentage of damage ignore DEF, which can turn the tide in tough battles.
  • Unas: If you want to build a squad around speed, Unas is a good starting point. Given the right relics and growth, so he acts first in battle, he can buff all the action points (APs) of all allies. Done right, this can see your whole squad act before the enemy.
  • Ye Suhua: Only available from the Ripple Dimension. She can give an ally a strong heal backed by "recovery" and invincibility, making sure they stay alive. While she also has a buff that adds ATK and Def, making Ye Suhua one of the best support espers in Dislyte.

Just Below

  • Lewis: If you want to do a lot of damage to a single target, Lewis is a strong contender for your squad. His crit rate and damage rise as the battle goes on.
  • Raven: A very strong debuffer. Raven can dispel a lot of buffs from enemies, while also reducing their DEF to help get your damage through.
  • Sander: Like Lewis above, Sander is strong versus single opponents such as boss mobs. His damage builds over time, while hits can reduce a single enemy’s speed and AP.
  • Tiye: As with Unas above, Tiye’s strength lies in AP manipulation. She can steal action points from opponents and give them to her squad, giving you the upper hand.

"A" Tier Espers

Many of these espers specialize in specific play styles or are devastating in certain areas of Dislyte. They may not seem immediately useful, but all are worth having on your roster as you grow in experience. These espers can be game-changers in the right circumstances.

  • Bonnie: A fast support esper who can increase enemy ability cooldowns. Strong in PvP (Point War).
  • Catherine: Can cleanse all allies of debuffs and raise AP. Strong in PvP (Point War).
  • Chloe: Steals buffs and gets increased damage from buffs on her. Strong in a buffing squad.
  • Donar: Great DEF buffs. Slow, but a great addition to a defensive team.
  • Fabrice: A good support esper, giving buffs including immunity and recovery, plus ATK and AP up.
  • Hyde: A complex esper that builds damage potential via both buffs and debuffs.
  • Jin Yuyao: Another complex esper that can shine in PvP (Point War) versus debuffing squads.
  • Lauren: Can revive squad members, alongside healing and ‘AP up’ abilities.
  • Long Mian: Weakens enemies with freeze, SPD down and AP down. Strong in PvP (Point War).
  • Melanie: Another esper that has strong AP restricting abilities. Strong in PvP (Point War).
  • Ren Si: Decent damage dealer and hard to take down. Strong in PvP (Point War).
  • Sienna: Can stun opponents, as well as support your squad with ATK, AP, and SPD ups.
  • Tang Xuan: Potentially strong DPS if you don’t mind relying on luck. Attacks a single target.

Just below

  • Asebnath, Biondina, Cecilia, Chalmers, Freddy, Luo Yan, Mona, Unky Chai

Everyone Else

"B" Tier Espers

You’re unlikely to regret putting some growth into these espers, especially when you’re stuck without a lot of choices early in the game. Each is a solid squad member, especially through the storyline. While you’ll find others are even strong later in specific situations.

  • Celine, Chang Pu, Drew, Eira, Jeanne, Heng Yue, Lu Yi, Lynn, Tang Yun, Trevor, Triki

"D" Tier Espers

Generally speaking, unless you have a specific need, these espers are not recommended. They’re generally considered broken (their abilities just don’t add up), or they’re just weak when compared to even average espers.

  • Arcana, Helena, Kara, Layla, Leon

The Rest

If you’ve looked through the above list and not found a particular esper you picked up from an echo spin, they’re likely to be listed here. These characters are generally serviceable, but all have espers that are stronger in their fields that should be relatively simple to acquire.

  • Alexa, Anesidora, Bai Liulu, Bardon, Berenice, Brynn, David, Dhalia, Djoser, Falken, Hall, Jacob, Jiang Man, Kaylee, Li Ao, Pritzker, Q, Taylor, Xie Chuyi, Xie Yuzhi, Zelmer

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