Dislyte Mobile Mythological RPG Release Date Revealed

Dislyte is a mobile, turn-based RPG launching an open beta on May 10. The game features a large roster of characters called Espers, all based on mythological figures from Egyptian, Chinese, Norse, and Greek stories, so there will be a wide range of cultures for you to explore.

Developed by Lilith Games, creators of AFK Arena and Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, Dislyte features turn-based combat with a particular focus on fashion. All of the Espers will be dressed to the nines.

Dislyte takes place in 2027, in a world where evil skulks in the shadows and hide from the pulsing neon lights of the city. The Espers, empowered by various gods from different cultures, are the ones who are tasked with defending humanity from this threat.

Espers got their power when Miracles began to occur. The Espers were people sensitive enough to the miracles' power to absorb it. However, the miracles aren't all good. they also awoke Miramon, an ancient and malevolent God whose only goal is to wreak havoc and usher destruction.

To fight this evil god, players will build a team of five Espers to fight against foes in turn-based battles that feature a heart-pounding pop-techno soundtrack. You can practise for these tough battles in the in-game arena against other Espers in order to hone your skills.

As well as combat, fashion, and music, Disylte has an interwoven storyline to keep you engaged and entertained as you fight it out with monsters and gods, but we don't know about the details of this just yet.

If you want a more hands-off experience, Dislyte will also feature an automated battle sequence that will fight dor you. During these fights, you're free to minimise the game screen and use your mobile for other things. Dislyte includes Gacha genre elements. You'll be able to unlock musical rewards by scratching a turntable.

You can pre-register for this open beta on the iOS and Android app stores now. Pre-registration is only open for players based in the UK and US for now.

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