Dislyte: Sander – Best Relics And Build

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The real selling point for the futuristic gacha-style game Dislyte is making up your squads. Each situation will call for a different selection of heroes (or Espers) based on the challenge ahead. Different element colours are strong against certain enemies, while specific abilities can be key to some battles and useless in others.

In Dislyte, Espers are broken down into four categories: fighter, defender, controller, and support. Each has unique strengths, dealing or preventing damage as well as buffing teammates and debuffing enemies. But one ability you’ll almost always want is speed – which is what makes Sander such a popular Esper.

Sander’s Abilities And Strengths

Sander (AKA Set) is listed as a controller Esper but could equally be considered a fighter. His abilities concentrate on damaging a single target, while also potentially stunning and slowing them. He’s an Orange Esper, so strong against Green enemies and weak against Purple ones. He has a strong Captain ability too, but note it only works in the Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, and Desolate Lands:

  • Sandstorm (cooldown: 3-4 turns*): Attacks a target three times, for up to 60 percent of ATK plus a 0.33 percent increase per SPD Sander has. Each hit has up to a 50 percent chance to reduce enemy AP by 30 percent, and when upgraded (via Resonance), the third hit stuns the opponent.
  • Corrosion (cooldown: 3-4 turns*): Attacks one enemy once for up to 180 percent of ATK plus a 0.33 percent increase per SPD Sander has. It has up to a 100 percent chance to inflict SPD Down for two turns, and if Sander crits with it, he gains SPD Up for two turns.
  • Dusts of Mazzar (basic attack): Attacks one enemy once for up to 70 percent of ATK plus a 0.33 percent increase per SPD. It also has up to a 75 percent chance of reducing the target’s AP by 30 percent.
  • Captain Ability: Increases the SPD of all Espers by 25 percent in Ritual and Sonic Miracle, and in Desolate Lands.

* Both Sandstorm and Corrosion have their cooldowns reduced by one turn once you’ve maxed out that skill.

Resonance: Which Statistics Should I Increase?

Sander is mainly used as a nuker, taking down a single target with big damage and getting as many big blows in as possible as he speeds up. This means maximising his damage output makes sense – so the majority of players will pump all his Resonance points into ATK. However, equally, you want to keep him alive. So if you run without a dedicated healer, or tend to fight slow, there’s no harm in upping either HP or DEF as required.

Which Relic Sets Are Best For Sander?

While ATK is clearly important, those percentage increases via his SPD really add up if you can get him up into the 200+ range. Crits will help him crank up the damage output even more, and at the same time, his debuffs can be deadly – so there’s no harm in upping his accuracy (ACC) too if required.

  • Windwalker (Una): When you equip a full set of Windwalker Relics, the character gains +25 percent of their base SPD.
  • War Machine (Una): A full set adds 30 percent to Sander’s ATK skill.
  • Fiery Incandescence (Mui): Increases the Esper’s C.RATE by 20 percent, maximising the chance to land critical hits.
  • Apollo’s Bow (Mui): Adds 20 percent to Sander’s ACC, increasing the chance of debuffs landing.

You can make an argument for Hammer of Thor (Una) if you go with Fiery Incandescence, for the extra crit damage, but you’re riding your luck over guaranteeing a strong effect from ATK or SPD.

Relic Sub Stats

You’ll definitely want to look out for a Mui II Relic with SPD as its main stat. Early in the game, we'd be tempted to equip a set with this rather than worrying as much about its set type. More SPD as a sub-stat on all Relics is ideal, as are ATK Bonus and C.RATE. Also, make sure you have enough ACC, but don’t overdo it (there’s a hard cap of 100 percent, and you only really need 80 percent, as there’s always a 20 percent chance of failure). Outside of these, C.DMG is nice to have – while HP and DEF bonus never hurt once you’re up to level 50-60.

How To Play Sander

Early experimentation can make players disregard Sander. His abilities seem limited, while speed doesn’t become a massive factor until later content. However, with the right Relics – especially with a great SPD build – he can be truly devastating. Except for the Fafnir battles, which need Espers who hit multiple times, Sander is brilliant versus all other bosses in the Sonic Miracle, Ritual Miracle, and Desolate Lands Trials.

He is also solidly effective elsewhere. Use him in Story, Cube, and Tower levels to deal with the most problematic enemy. And the same goes for PvP – although he can be found wanting on defence, as the chance of the AI getting him to hit the right enemy is average at best. Basically, Sander can be a great option everywhere except on PvP defence and against Fafnir, as long as you build him correctly.

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