Disney Lorcana TCG Announced For 2023

Disney is throwing its hat into the trading card game ring with the new, beginner-friendly Disney Lorcana.

Described as a beginner-friendly TCG that “[pulls] back the confrontation level”, Disney Lorcana will bring various Disney characters to a full trading card game complete with different printing treatments.

Lorcana will put you in the robes of an “Illumineer”, a sorcerer who can channel various Disney characters, stories, and songs. The art style will be reminiscent of “modern storybooks”, with hand-drawn elements being combined with digital effects. While we know very little about the game so far, it’s already been confirmed that there will be different print treatments like “ink spill” and “star”.

In a statement made by publisher Ravensburger (who also publish Disney’s Villainous series of tabletop games) to Polygon, CEO Filip Francke said that Lorcana is “probably the largest investment that [Ravensberger has] ever done into any type of project or initiative”, adding that it is planning a multi-year campaign for the game. This includes at least four sets a year as part of an ongoing story, as well as a “robust organised play program”.

While both Magic: The Gathering and the Pokemon TCG are described as comparable to Disney Lorcana, brand manager (and former Wizards of the Coast employee) Ryan Miller said that Lorcana will be a lot less strategically taxing.

Disney Lorcana is still over a year away from launching, but we can expect to see at least some of it just next week. The first seven characters to be featured in the game will be revealed at the D23 convention, which opens on September 9 and will feature a Disney and Marvel gaming showcase. We’ll also see the first cards themselves there, which should give us a slightly better idea of how it actually plays.

Disney Lorcana is scheduled to launch Fall 2023. Booster packs and tie-in products have yet to be announced.

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