Disney Says Minnie Is “Dripping With Excitement” As It Sells Ears Covered In White Goo

Disney fans are hardly starving for content this week, with dozens of announcements coming from the Disney + Marvel Games Showcase on Friday. During this event, we were shown a bunch of trailers, announcements, and of course, new merch. However, not all of it was of the family-friendly variety the media giant would have hoped for.

To put it bluntly, Disney is selling cum ears. Well, according to the filthy minds over on Twitter, anyway. The Mickey and Minnie Mouse Disney 100 Platinum Celebration Ear Hat for Adults are described as "dripping with excitement", and that's certainly one word for it. The $195/175 hats (depending on the character) are drenched in a mysterious white substance, leading many to believe that the Mouse couple's public display of "excitement" is a bit more risque than we're used to.

"Minnie is dripping with excitement as she celebrates the centenary of The Walt Disney Company in her typically fashionable style with this ear headband," reads the product description, presumably before someone had thought about the implications for more than two seconds.

Understandably, the internet was quick to point out that the product – and its inadvertently naughty description – makes it sound as if we're purchasing Minnie's bodily fluids for our next trip to Disneyland.

What's better is that some poor soul on the company's social media team must have actually seen these jokes, and reported them to their boss, because the text has since been changed to something a lot less suggestive. Now, the product description for the ears simply reads: "Celebrate the centenary of The Walt Disney Company with this Minnie Mouse ear headband." Where's the fun in that?

At least if you thought you had a rough week, you can take solace in the fact that you weren't the worker that had to explain to their boss how "dripping with excitement" may be taken the wrong way. However, unfortunately for them, the Wayback Machine remembers all, and the old description is still there for all of us to enjoy.

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